Water Play…

It’s that time of the year again… Summer kicks off officially on 21st June. The Kindergarten students of Ms Janice and Ms Marija are gearing up for this season through water play. The students enjoyed playing with water and having a whale of a time with their classmates.

Celebrating the First Holy Communion

The school celebrated the First Holy Communion of the Year 2 students, together with their teachers, parents and learning support assistants. The students prepared crafts which were displayed on notice boards for this special occasion. The school would like to thank the school council and parents helpers for ensuring the success of this event.

World Book Day Comptetion

The Year 4 students participated in a competition held during World Book Day by the National Literacy Agency. The students were awarded two books each following their in-class presentations about books they read. The students also prepared costumes to impersonate their favourite character from the book they read.

Well done students 🙂

Mathematics outside the classroom

The Year 3.1 students have been learning about hours, minute and seconds.  To better understand how long a second or a minute is they had to do various activities.  For example:  They had to see how many times they could skip a rope, run around the garden and go up and down the stairs in one minute.  Such an activity was also linked to Physical Education.

After writing down their results, students had to compare them with a friend.  They realized that their results were different as is their agility when doing such activities.

Submitted by Ms Miranda Cauchi, Yr 3.1