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Prayer spaces…

The importance of prayer, irrespective of one’s beliefs, is never to be underestimated. Teaching students to pray from a young age provides them with skills of self reflection and the ability to appreciate all that God has created. 

The K2.1 students of Ms Lucienne Vella, prepared crafts related to the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows and spared some time to pray for peace.

Young chefs at work…

The K1.5 and K2.2 students joined forces for a cookery session. Students prepared rikotta pies make with dough and goats’ cheese filling. During this session the students learned about shapes and texture. They also enjoyed eating their pies.

Submitted by Ms Marija Zammit and Ms Janice Vella, KGEs

Learning letters and numbers through play

The K1.1 students of Ms Josianne Camilleri participated in various hands-on activities to learn about letter and numbers. These activities were prepared by the student teacher.

In the first activity, students had to write the letter ‘d’ in a sensory tray. The media used included sand, flour and ground cinnamon.

In a separate activity, students made the number 4 out of dry clay.

In the last activity students set up a colourful table with blocks, straws, plastic and wooden pegs, etc. Children had to create their own works of art, thus enhancing their creativity.

Growing potatoes in the school garden…

The kindergarten students of Ms Joanne Galea and Ms Josianne Camilleri joined forces to grow their own potatoes in the school garden. The students had to dig trenches to sew their potatoes and cover them back in soil. They are now watering the potatoes and look forward to gather their harvest in a few weeks’ time.

To complement this activity the students made a collage using vegetables.

Boarding pass, please!

The K1.3 students of Ms Joanne Galea have been learning about transport. After making their own collages out of plastic bottle caps, the students created their own aeroplane from recycled boxes. Finally they flew their aeroplane in the school yard… Pity I did not have my boarding pass!