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Water Play…

The K2.1 and K2.3 classes enjoyed a morning of water play in preparation for the summer season.

Ms Felicia and Ms Lucienne prepared a number of activities for students using water. The students enjoyed this free play session to end their scholastic year.

Water Play…

It’s that time of the year again… Summer kicks off officially on 21st June. The Kindergarten students of Ms Janice and Ms Marija are gearing up for this season through water play. The students enjoyed playing with water and having a whale of a time with their classmates.

Exploring shapes while at picnic!!!

This morning the children prepared a sandwich were we discussed all the shapes that we met along the way! This included a square slice of bread, a square cheese and ham, a sandwich which when cut in half gives 2 triangles, a cucumber’s profile which makes the shape of a circle, which in turn gives a semicircle when cut in half, etc.

Later on we enjoyed the sandwich, on a picnic, in the school playground!

Submitted by Ms Felicia Borg, K2.3

Dinja Waħda Activity at Buskett Gardens

The K2.1 students have been learning about ants and the importance of these minibugs in the ecosystem. After reading a story to the students, Ms Luicienne Vella, prepared field work for students at Buskett Gardens. The weather was not helpful on the day since it was raining. No ants were visible, however the KGE asked her students to make mask of ants and the children pretended to be ants while waiting for transport to take them back to school.

Well done to Ms Lucienne Vella (KGE),Ms Dorianne Micallef (LSE) and Ms Sharon Scicluna (LSE) and their students 🙂

Celebrating eTwinning Day through Maltese Culture

For the celebration of eTwining Day, 9th May 2018, the Kinder 1.3 and 1.4 students prepared a short video clip celebrating Maltese Heritage thrugh the song of Ċeklem, Ċeklem Karozzin. The students wore red and white, these being the colours of the Maltese flag. They also prepare crafts of the Maltese flag and emblems depicting the eith point Maltese crosse. One of the KGEs, Ms Joanne Galea, impersonated a Maltese k night. eTwinning Day at school.

Credits to Ms Nagaat Bugeja and Ms Joanne Galea for coming up with the idea and helping students to prepare the props. Credits also to Ms Simone Gianino for capturing the photos and video.

Happy eTwinning Day 🙂

Baa! Baa! A milking they come…

The K1.1 students of Ms Josianne had a very interesting lesson prepared by Ms Semira Camenzuli, student teacher, during her teaching practice. Ms Sharon invited a farmer who visited our school. During his visit he spoke to the children on how sheep are taken care of and what is involved in the process of milking sheep.

A model was prepared and students had a go at pretend play by “milking” the model. This session helped students to appreciate that milk, and other milk products, go through a long process before they can be enjoyed.

Well done to Ms Camenzuli.  The school shall miss you 🙂