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Dinja Waħda – Gold Award 2018

The school has achieved another Gold Award in Dinja Waħda projects. Through participation in Dinja Waħda the school aims to educate children to nurture a love for their environment and to learn to respect wild life. Well done to all teachers, kindergarten educators, learning support assistants and students for participating. Special thanks to Ms Rodgers, assistant head, for coordinating all events.

Exchange of Good Practice with Czech Republic Teachers

The school hosted 16 teachers and their headmasters who came to Malta to learn about teaching in the Maltese Educational system.

Following an introduction by the head of school, Mrs Ferrante, the teachers visited a number of classrooms from Kinder 1 to Year 6.

The Czech Republic teachers enjoyed watching the lessons and were received with a very warm welcome in all the classrooms.

The visitors were given a taster of diverse lessons, inlcuding a maths lesson held in the school yard, and another using the concrete, pictorial and abstract approach.

The Czech Republic teachers were impressed with the ability of children, who, at a very young age, are very conversant in English.

The children welcomed these teachers and prepared various tokens which were presented to our guests.

The teachers commented about the fact that it is evident that in this school there is great teamwork and a very positive vibe.

The visitors enjoyed this experience and are looking forward to share more experiences with our school.

The Czech Republic teachers had the opportunity to observe a creative writing lesson which offered students the opportunity to work in groups to come up with a better write up.

Finally, they were given the opportunity to observe a lesson with the use of tablets and how tablets are being used as a tool to enhance digital literacy and learning.

The guests were treated with some local food to close the event. This was a very enriching experience for all the participants. Special thanks goes to all the teachers, kindergarten educators, learning support assistants, clerk, caretakers and senior management team for ensuring the success of this event. Special thanks to the college principal, Ms Mifsud, who joined us during this venture.

Hospice Awareness Day and Supporting Less Fortunate People

Today we kicked off the day thinking of all the people who are suffering from terminal illness and of the relatives who suffer so much in silence. A dress down day was organised to raise funds for Hospice Malta and also to support the less fortunate in the Philippines. Sr Ceilia Agius Vadala and Sr Annie Catania from the Sisters of St. Dorothy’s visited the school and shared their missionary experience in the Philippines. €648 were gathered on this special occasion. Heartfelt thanks to all 🙂

The National Readathon Celebration Ceremony (Qaritona)

The first National Readathon was organised by the National Literacy Agency and the President’s Trust under the patronage of Her Excellency Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca. This initiative was also supported by the National Schools Support Service and Re/Max Malta. 

Alexander Ceesay, from St Nicholas College, Mgarr Primary School, was the student who collected most money during this first edition of Qaritona out of the 22 participating schools. In honour of this, an apple tree was planted in the Secret Garden at Sant Anton Palace. The aim of this marathon was to raise funds for students with special needs related to blindness, while promoting a love for reading among students who participated in this readathon.

School Development Planning… Embracing Change

During this year’s school development plan, all members of staff debated the issue of teaching and learning in a set up where change is happening at such a fast rate.A SWOT analysis was done using a 21st century tool, mentimeter, where all members of staff submitted their feedback using their mobiles and results were displayed in real time for all to see.Workshops related to numeracy, literacy, new ways of teaching maths in a more conrete, practical and abstract way, together with reflection on the Learning Outcomes Framework followed.

Bil-Qari u l-Kitba Niskorja…

Below are snapshots of a 10 week journey for students who had the opportunity to reading and writing through the game of football. The porgramme is coordinated by the National Literacy Agency in twinning with local Football nurseries, in this case, Mgarr United Football NurseryPractising reading skills with Walter Tull’s story and using some practical football techniques on the pitch! Now that was one great session with our learners from Mgarr.

Interesting characters do not only exist in stories and books. They exist in real life as well….these students from Mgarr are an example of this. Today’s session was all about personality…in a story as well as on the pitch! High five boys and girls!

The dull weather certainly didn’t dampen these kids’ spirits! Discovering newspapers and magazines, practising heading techniques…here’s what our Mgarr team did today in our sixth session together.

Our seventh session with the Mgarr team: reading the game off and on the pitch!

Discovering more stories and books with our Mgarr team!

Our journey together draws to an end…and what a ride it’s been with these young stars! Ten incredible weeks…reading, practising, writing and most importantly…HAVING FUN!