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Our Lady of Sorrows

Holy mass was celebrated for the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. Students prepared a special assembly depicting the 7 sorrows suffered by Our Lady.  Mr Mark Spice, Scout Leader of the Baden Powell Scouts, Mgarr, brought the flame of peace to our school. The flame of peace came all the way from Bethlehem and reached a number of counties across Europe. Malta is its final destination and our school was the last school the flame of peace would reach this year.

Before mass was celebrated by Fr Mark, students lit their candles from the flame of peace and these candles were laid in front of the statue of Our Lady.

Special thanks to Ms Borg Vella, assisant head, for preparing mass.

Prayer Space – insibu ħin biex nitolbu…

Illum ġie organizzat it-tieni prayer space fl-iskola dwar il-Paċi.  Bla ebda eċċezzjoni t-tfal fil-klassijiet kollha tar-raba’, il-ħames u s-sitt sena semmew is-Sirja bħala l-post li jiġi f’rashom meta nitkellmu fuq kunflitti.  

It-tfal esprimew rabja, dieqa, dispjacir u saħansitra diżappunt meta tkellmu fuq il-kunflitt tas-Sirja.  L-istudenti kellhom ċans jiktbu ħsibijiethom fuq fanal bħala simbolu tal-paċi. 

Kien hemm mument ta’ talb u riflessjoni fl-aħħar tal-prayer space għall-paċi fid-dinja.

Kitba u xogħol ta’ Ms Borg Vella, assistent kap

The Musical Band of the Armed Forces of Malta does it again…

The Band of the Armed Forces of Malta prepared a set of workshops for our students with them aim of instilling a love for classical music through various instruments that make up the orchestra. 

The Kindergarten and Year 1 students had a story telling session based on a story written by Trevor Zahra and animated using various instruments which were used to represented different animals.

The Yr 2 to Yr 6 classes had workshops about the different instruments including brass, woodwind and string. The show was concluded by a lively concert for all students and staff. The children joined in by singing and clapping to the different rhythms. 

The school thanks the Armed Forces of Malta for obliging and Ms Janice Vella Muscat for co-ordinating the event. Special thanks to Ms Ritienne Grech and Ms Maryanne Wagner, school council members and parents for helping in the preparation of refreshments.

Book Launch… L-Ingwanti Magiċi

The school hosted the launch of the book L-Ingwanti Magiċi. This book has been recently written by an emergent author, Ms Anabelle Warrington, who also happens to be the school’s support literacy teacher. The launch kicked off with a short play about the pleasure of reading directed by Ms Angelique Attard, Yr 4.1 teacher. Following the recital, a presentation was held by Ms Eleanor Vella, HoD, whereby she explained all the work being done by the national literacy agency. 

Later, a number of students interviewed the author. Corazon Mizzi, who is both a local singer and a reading ambassador, read a chapter from the book. A workshop for parents and students followed. The show came to an end with a beautiful song by Corazon herself. We hope that in the near future we may have students from our school who might become authors. 

The school would like to thank Mr David Muscat, CEO from the National Literacy Agency and Horizon Publications for presenting all students with a free copy of the book and for attending this event. Special thanks goes to Ms Josephine Mifsud, college principal and Ms Corazon Mizzi.

Finally the school would like to thank all members of staff, especially the assistant heads, and the students and parents for their constant support 🙂

Congratulations to Ms Anabelle Warrington… We look forward to the sequel of L-Ingwanti Magiċi.

The Daily Mile

The school had enrolled its participation in “The Daily Mile” joining a community of Daily Mile schools and hoping that one day, all children will have the chance to do a Daily Mile as part of their primary education.

A Prayer Space for Love…

Today the first prayer space in school was organised by Ms Borg Vella, assistant head, with Yr 4.1, Yr 4.2, Yr 5.2 and Yr 6.2.  Pupils were led to discuss what ‘breaks our hearts’ in terms of relationships with others.  The pupils were very responsive and mentioned death, bullying and other issues that hurt themselves and others.  At the end of the session pupils were asked to think of someone with a ‘broken heart’ and write his/her initials on a plaster which was then stuck on a broken heart.  A moment of silence and prayer followed.

Carnival 2018

Carnival 2018 celebrations as Mgarr were once again a great way for students and teachers to have fun in a very informal manner. We would like to thank the parent helpers and members of the school council who ensured the smooth distribution of food to all students. Thanks to Ms Rodger for capturing memories of this day.

Well done to all the students who participated in the talent show.