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Alka Ceramics… A pottery experience

The year 1 classes of Ms Louise Cutajar and Ms Mathea Vassallo, visited the Alka ceramics. Our children were provided with a hands on experience with clay where they learnt how to make their own pieces. Students had also the opportunity to visit the Pottery Experience that consisted of a walk through the old workshop with life size figures, a video about ceramics in Malta and a tour to the musuem of WWII ceramic artifacts.



Promoting the use of Public Transport to save the environment

The Year  1 and Year 2 students have participated in an awareness campaign to enhance the use of public transport. The aim of this event is to encourage more people to make use of the “Tal-Linja” card and public transport to reduce traffic on the roads and thus reducing the impact of car exhaust on the envrionment. The students were offered to receive the Tal-Linja card for free.

Adding one…

The learning objective of the Mathematics lesson was to add one to a number, up to 10.

Students were divided in pairs and each pair was given a ten-frame and ten snap cubes. A number was given to them, and they had to count that amount of snap cubes and put them on the ten-frame, then each time adding another snap-cube to the amount already told. Finally they had to count the snap cubes together.

They were also presented with an interactive presentation. They had to add one more Gingerbread man.

With these two activities students learnt that when they add ‘one’ to a number ‘the answer’ is always the following number.

Children’s involvement levels indicated that they enjoyed themselves throughout this learning objective.

Submitted by Ms Mathea Vassallo, Yr 1.2 Teacher

Singing, dancing and acting along with Goldilocks and the Three Bears

The Year 1.2 students when for their first outing for this scholastic year on 26th October. At 9am the students, together with their teacher, headed to the Visual and Performing Arts School in Swatar. Children participated in some fun workshops. The first workshop was about acting. Then they had  the  dancing workshop  and finally the singing workshop. All three workshops were based on the Fairy Tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Before leaving, children were given a smiley sticker and a handout  related to the said fairy tale.  Children had the time to move freely and to express themselves in various ways.

Submitted by Ms Mathea Vassallo, Yr 1.2 Teacher

Exploring Flat Shapes

The Yr 1.2 students have been exploring flat shapes (2-d shapes). Students made use of the Bee-Bot to sort out shapes.  Using a Bee-Bot promotes counting skills and directional language. Afterwards they worked in pairs to sort whether the shape was a circle or a square. Children had a great time 🙂

Submitted by Ms Mathea Vassallo, Yr 1.2

Learning through play

The Year 1 students of Ms Louise Cutajar have kicked off the year by learning through play. Students were given some play dough to form numbers. Such activities help to create spatial awareness  (experimenting with shape and space) and improve eye-hand coordination. 

In a separate activity students worked in pairs, during a Maltese lesson. They were given a piece of newspaper and they had to mark the letter ‘a’. 

Meeting the Firefighters

The Year 1 students visited the firefighters’ base at Xemxija Ridge. During their visit, the students had a first hand experience of what a day in the life of a firefighter consists of. Students had a go at using the water hose and also rode on the fire truck, while familiarising themselves with the equipment and gear used by these heroes.

Dinja Waħda – SOS Hedgehog

The Year 1 students of Ms Marilyn Bugeja have been learning about the importance of preserving the natural habitats of creatures that live in Malta. During one of the session the students got to know better the hedgehog. Knowing that the hedgehogs are decreasing in numbers for various reasons, including the destruction of their natural habitat due to the building industry, or being killed and run over by cars, the students pledged to be more careful in preserving the environment. 

Figolli galore…

The above are photos taken during a cookery lesson held by the Yr 1.2 teacher. The students had to cut the pastry to form their own biscuits. These were baked in the oven. Finally the children decorated the biscuits and later wrapped them in Easter bags to give as a gift to their parents and loved ones.

Submitted by Ms Louise Cutajar, Yr 1.1 Teacher