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Learning by doing…

The Year 2.1 students of Ms Stephanie Azzopardi are always buzzing like bees. The learning experience is a hands-on one as can be seen above where students are learning about 2D shapes (flat shapes) and 3D shapes (solid shapes).

The students work in pairs and in groups and this enhances self-esteem and cooperation. Students learn from each other.

 When working together, learning becomes easier and more fun as can be seen above.

Learning Maths by doing…

Learning Maths can be tricky. However when students are presented with Maths in a fun way, learning becomes more meaningful. These year 2 students can be seen exploring different ways of using coins to make up the same value, while working in groups and discussing the various options. 

Submitted by Ms Janice Vella Muscat, Class Teacher

Promoting the use of Public Transport to save the environment

The Year  1 and Year 2 students have participated in an awareness campaign to enhance the use of public transport. The aim of this event is to encourage more people to make use of the “Tal-Linja” card and public transport to reduce traffic on the roads and thus reducing the impact of car exhaust on the envrionment. The students were offered to receive the Tal-Linja card for free.

Fieldwork at Manikata

Friday 20th October was the first outing for year 2 children. At 9:00 a.m. we headed to Manikata. The coach dropped us off at Għajn Tuffieħa and we walked up to Manikata. Here we met a lady, with her friendly dog. The students were extremely happy about this.

The lady explained to the children about some flowers and trees found in the rural areas of the Maltese Islands. Then we proceeded to feed some of the animals including chickens, pigeons, goats, lambs, a donkey and a horse. The children also got to meet Buttuna and Lily.

The children were then invited in the picnic area where they enjoyed fresh bread with kunserva (tomato paste) and an apple. Finally the students had a hands-on session where they planted a bean plant to take with them home.

The students truly enjoyed each and every second. 

Submitted by Ms Janice Vella Muscat, Yr 2.2

Teaching literacy in a playful way…

Learning the difference between ‘i’ and ‘ie’, ‘h’ and ‘ħ’ has never been easier 🙂 And our friendly Robot, Bee-Bot, is always helping our students to become more active learners. 

Learning literacy can be great fun when presented to students in the correct manner using adequate resources. Teachers spend hours planning for their lessons, but hard work pays off. The happy, concentrated faces of these Yr 2 students in Ms Stephanie Azzopardi’s class, are evidence of this.

Teaching Maths through a concrete, pictorial and abstract approach

Learning Maths can be challenging for students if not presented using various teaching and learning approaches. Not all students learn in the same way, but learning through concrete and hands-on experiences allows for more student success.

Following training teachers receive during their in-service courses and also during professional development sessions, students benefit from learning experiences which meet the needs of all students.

In the above photos we can see evidence of the successful methodologies being introduced in our school. The Yr 2.1 students of Ms Stephanie Azzopardi can be seen doing various activities including  learning about shapes, ordering numbers (using dominoes), adding numbers using the number line and technology (going forward using the bee-bot and mat), learning subtraction through stories (Handa’s Surprise) and learning about pairs of 5 using playing cards and interlocking cubes.