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World Book Day Comptetion

The Year 4 students participated in a competition held during World Book Day by the National Literacy Agency. The students were awarded two books each following their in-class presentations about books they read. The students also prepared costumes to impersonate their favourite character from the book they read.

Well done students 🙂

Building a Fan using Lego WeDo

The Yr 4.1 students created their own LEGO fans which had to be programmed using Lego Wedo. This session was organised by the class teacher, Ms Angelique Attard with the support of the Digital Literacy Teacher.With the help of the Digital Literacy Support teacher Ms Laura Schembri, the children built a duck by using 6 pieces of Lego for their first activity.

In the second activity the children were divided into groups and together they had to build their own fan by using the Lego WeDo kit. After building the fan they then generated code causing the fan to work.

Doubling & Halving Scavenger Hunt

The Yr 4.1 class of Ms Angelique Attard had a maths lesson with a difference. The children were divided into groups and participated in a scavenger hunt held in the playground.

The children really enjoyed themselves using their tablets to scan the provided QR codes which had been distributed around the space and writing down the sums on a recording sheet. This activity helped the children to move around while learning. The winning team was also rewarded!

Marathon Walk

The children of Year 4.1 had an activity related to science at Buskett. Even though it was windy they managed to work together as a team to come up with the answers. They had to observe the weathe, plant life, the trees, the leaves, animals around us, and finally how they can help protect the environment.

Submitted by Ms Angelique Attard, Yr 4.1

Literacy Fest…

The Literacy Fest was a huge success with the children of Year 4.1. They had different activities to do, such as IT at Ta’ Ħaġrat Temples, P.E. & Art at the church parvis, PSCD at the playing field, Science  & Music near the cross. It was fun learning outside the classroom!

Submitted by  Ms Angelique Attard, Yr 4.1