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Football Read and Write Programme (FRWP)

A selected number of students from Year 5 have started participation in the FRWP programme. This programme is being provided by the national literacy agency and the Mgarr United football nursery for students who love football but who are reluctant readers. Students have guided reading sessions together with a football session.

Above the students can be seen during their first session. Ground rules were established and a few basic techniques were introduced in the dressing room and on the pitch.

Book Launch… L-Ingwanti Magiċi

The school hosted the launch of the book L-Ingwanti Magiċi. This book has been recently written by an emergent author, Ms Anabelle Warrington, who also happens to be the school’s support literacy teacher. The launch kicked off with a short play about the pleasure of reading directed by Ms Angelique Attard, Yr 4.1 teacher. Following the recital, a presentation was held by Ms Eleanor Vella, HoD, whereby she explained all the work being done by the national literacy agency. 

Later, a number of students interviewed the author. Corazon Mizzi, who is both a local singer and a reading ambassador, read a chapter from the book. A workshop for parents and students followed. The show came to an end with a beautiful song by Corazon herself. We hope that in the near future we may have students from our school who might become authors. 

The school would like to thank Mr David Muscat, CEO from the National Literacy Agency and Horizon Publications for presenting all students with a free copy of the book and for attending this event. Special thanks goes to Ms Josephine Mifsud, college principal and Ms Corazon Mizzi.

Finally the school would like to thank all members of staff, especially the assistant heads, and the students and parents for their constant support 🙂

Congratulations to Ms Anabelle Warrington… We look forward to the sequel of L-Ingwanti Magiċi.

Celebrating World Children’s Day

20th November is dedicated to World Children’s Day. To commemorate this day, the students of Ms Melanie Sultana, in year 5.1, prepared a special assembly.

The students shared a message about children’s rights and also shared different realities that children around the world face on a daily basis.

The students of the school council shared a message to all students during this assembly about duties and rights.

Ms Borg Vella, assistant head in charge of the student council, launched an initiative whereby students were asked to write their messages on a small template. 

The messages will be displayed on school notice boards to share these wonderful thoughts shared by our students. Happy World Children’s Day to all 🙂

Special Assembly

The Year 5.1 students of Dr Simone Micallef prepared a special assembly for their schoolmates. The assembly was very well prepared and interesting information was passed on to students in the form of a presentation. All year 5.1 students were involved in the preparation and delivery of this special assembly. Such events help to build the students’ self esteem.

World Children’s Day


The Year 5.1 students, under the direction of their teacher Dr Simone Micallef, have prepared a special assembly dedicated to all the children of the world since 20th November 2016 we shall be celebrating World Children’s Day.

During the assembly students showed a presentation about children’s rights and duties to their schoolmates. A banner, courtesy of the Commissioner for Children, has been displayed in the school hall for this special occasion.

Happy children’s day 🙂