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Focus Group discussing Children’s Rights

The Year 6 students have been chosen to be part of a focus group by the Commissioner for Children. During the meeting students discussed their rights. Ms Suzanne Gili complimented the students for their knowledge about the subject and for participating actively in the discussion. This session was held during a PSCD session. We thank the class teachers, PSCD teachers and students for being great ambassadors for the school.

Christmas Card Exchange

The school received a surprise Christmas Card from French students who attend at Ecole Pihet in Paris. This was a great surprise for the school. The French students asked to be sent a card in return. The students of Mr Kurt Pace, in year 6.2 prepared a card which was posted today to France. Thank you for the initiative.

Valletta Fieldwork

The students of Mr Cassar, in year 6.1, have been out and about in the capital city of Valletta. Students learn best when on site. The Valletta fieldwork is part of the social studies curriculum.

The students had a narrow escape with the weather since the minute they set foot on the bus to come back to school it started raining.

Iltaqgħu mal-Prim Ministru bla ħsieb u daħħalhom fil-Berġa ta’ Kastilja

Grupp ta’ tfal tal-iskola Primarja li dalgħodu marru sal-Belt fuq ħarġa tal-iskola spiċċaw biex iltaqgħu mal-Prim Ministru Joseph Muscat bla ħsieb.

Hekk kif il-Prim Ministru wasal Kastilja għall-ħabta tal-10.00 ta’ dalgħodu biex jibda jum twil ta’ xogħol, inzerta lill-istudenti ċkejkna fi Pjazza Kastilja flimkien mal-għalliema tagħhom.

Kien hawn li l-Prim Ministru mar jiltaqa’ mat-tfal u stedinhom jidħlu fil-Berġa ta’ Kastilja, fejn flimkien miegħu u mas-Segretarju Parlamentari Silvio Schembri ppożaw fuq it-taraġ tal-Berġa għal ritratt uniku li żgur se jibqgħu jgħożżu.

Special Assembly

The Yr 6.2 students prepared the first special assembly for this scholastic year. Since the assembly happened to fall close the Halloween, the students explained the origins of Halloween. They also mentioned traditions practiced in various countries. Finally they got the whole school dancing to the song ghost buster.

Earth Day

Celebrating Earth Day might seem futile to many, but this should not be the case. We have a duty to preserve mother Earth from the greed of mankind. Earth must be preserved for generations to come. Education is the best way to win this fight.

 The Green Club students, together with their class teacher, LSA and Ms Rodgers, assistant head, organised a walk in commemoration of Earth Day, being celebrated today 22nd April. The students wore costumes representing various aspects of earth, including trees, flowers, lightning, the sun, etc. Climate change is among one of the hardest battles to handle.

Earth Day MgarrKizoa Movie – Video – Slideshow Maker


Tourists applauded this great cause and locals appreciated the students’ initiative. May our youngster flourish into mature adults showing respect to towards nature.

X’hemm l-Imgarr?

The Maths Support Team organised a national event in our locality, ‘X’hemm l-Imgarr’. The students of Yr 6.2 were paired with the students of Hamrun Primary in order to solve and carry out different experiments and activities. All activities were related to Science and Maths, such as finding the ideal material to use in order to have clean water, and cracking the code through letters. 

The students really enjoyed themselves. The students were also given the opportunity to visit the shelter under ‘Tal-Barri’ restaurant.

Submitted by Mr Matthew Cassar, Yr 6.2 Teacher