Behaviour Policy


(Agħfas hawn għall-versjoni bil-Malti: Imgiba fl-iskola)

Behaviour and Discipline Policy


  • Have to respect their own selves and others;
  • Cannot disrupt the class or leave the class without permission;
  • Must use appropriate language AT ALL TIMES;
  • Have to be punctual and have to present homework on time.
  • Are expected to wear the full school uniform;
  • Are to refrain from wearing jewellery, except a watch and ear studs for girls;
  • Girls are to pull up their hair with black, blue or salmon ribbons;
  • Cannot miss school without a valid reason;
  • Have to take care of their textbooks.  Damages have to be paid for;
  • Cannot bring mobile phones, cameras, recording devices or any other items, not related to school activities, unless instructed by their teachers;


  • Must bring children to school on time. The school gates close at 8:35 am in winter and at 8:20 am sharp during half days;
  • Must show respect towards teaching staff, administration and other staff working at school.
  • Should refrain from speaking to teachers before or after school hours, in school or outside school, over the phone or otherwise without the permission of the Head of School;
  • Should discuss complaints with the Head of School not in the presence of students;
  • Are to inform the school whenever their child is sick;
  • Are not to enter the school premises before Assembly;
  • Of Kindergarten children are to leave and pick up their children from behind the small black gate near the ramp;


  • Are responsible at all times for the behaviour of students within sight or sound of them. They must never leave the class unattended.
  • Should record and celebrate good behaviour;
  • Should distinguish between minor and serious acts of behaviour;
  • Must be punctual;
  • Should not speak to parents about matters concerning the school if permission has not been granted by the SMT;
  • Must use positive reinforcement, by using e.g. verbal praise, star charts, praise referral forms, behaviour certificates, etc.
  • Year 1, 2 & 3 students will be separated from year 4, 5 & 6 students during break time. The same applies for Kinder 1 and Kinder 2.

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