Skills Celebration Day (Jum iċ-Ċelebrazzjoni tal-Ħiliet) – 15/05/2013


On Wednesday 15th May 2013, the Mgarr Primary School, which forms part of St. Nicholas College, organised the annual Celebration of Skills. This is an occasion that all students, teachers, school administration, and parents look forward to every year, as during this celebration the students have the opportunity to “show off” their capabilities by taking part in various representations, very ably supported by their respective teachers..  All parents are invited to attend and they do attend in full force as evidenced by the packed school hall on the day.

  • The full program consisted of:
  • A Welcome address by the students
  • The college anthem performed by the school choir
  • The Mgarr Primary School anthem performed by the school choir
  • Address by the headmaster
  • Representations by the students of Kinder and Primary classes
  • Address by the College Principal
  • Distribution of Prizes
  • The Maltese national anthem performed by the school choir

The comperes for the day were students Jody Morris and Paul Gauci.

This year the main theme of all the representations centred around popular stories one reads in books and the fantasy they inspire. The 9 performances were as follows:

Kindergarten (Ms Josianne Camilleri, Ms Marija Spiteri, Ms Janice. Vella)  – The Little Mermaid, The Lion King

Kindergarten (Ms Joanne Galea, Ms Victoria Dimech (LSA), Ms Joan Vella) – Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Kindergarten (Ms Maria Debono, Ms Josephine Galea (LSA), Ms Camille Scerri) – The Lion King, Peter Pan

Year 1The Jungle Book

Year 2Treasure Island

Year 3Alice in Wonderland

Year 4The Pied Piper

Year 5Arabian Nights

Year 6Charlie and Chocolate Factory

At the end of the performances, the school headmaster and the college principal distributed the following prizes awarded by the Education Division in respect of 2012 annual exams:

Year 4: 1st place – Martina Muscat; 2nd place – Tiffany Mallia; 3rd place – Samuel Tanti

Year 5: 1st place – Rachel Bonnici; 2nd place – Sarah Galea; 3rd place – Jade Marie Falzon

Year 6: 1st place – Ian Farrugia; 2nd place – Elisa Battistino; 3rd place – Sara Nicole Agius

Minister’s Prize: Ian Farrugia

Director General’s Prizes: Rachel Bonnici; Martina Muscat

School Council President’s Prizes for Altruism: Caroline Gatt – Year 6.2; Joseph Muscat – Year 3.2

The School Council awarded each student a prize in recognition of the various skills   and capabilities.

Skills Celebration Day (Jum iċ-Ċelebrazzjoni tal-Ħiliet) – 15/05/2013 – Year 1


Performance of The Jungle Book by Year 1 students:

This book was written by Rudyard Kipling. The story is about Mowgli, a boy who was abandoned in the jungle and was raised wolves. One day a tiger named Xerken came close to their environs and the wolves decided that the jungle was not safe anymore for Mowgli. Hence they decided that Mowgli should start living with other human being like himself. During his voyage back to reunite with the humans, he meets a lot of animals…..

One could see that year 1 students really enjoyed performing this representation. Their teachers Ms Louise Grech and Ms William Buhagiar helped in no uncertain manner to the students achievements.


Skills Celebration Day (Jum iċ-Ċelebrazzjoni tal-Ħiliet) – 15/05/2013 – Year 2


Performance of Treasure Island by Year 2 students:

This book was written by Robert Louis Stevensen. The story is about Jim Hawkins, a boy who finds a map that shows a hidden treasure on an island and decides to sail to the island with other sailors going there for the same purpose. Amongst these sailors, there was a group of pirates, lead by Ling John Silver, who devised a plan how to take the treasure without sharing it with the others. A fight ensues and the sailors capture the pirates and go home happy with the treasure.

The year 2 students performed excellently assisted by their teachers Ms Carmen Spiteri and Ms Marilyn Bugeja and LSA Ms Ann Cassar.


Skills Celebration Day (Jum iċ-Ċelebrazzjoni tal-Ħiliet) – 15/05/2013 – Year 3


Performance of Alice in Wonderland by Year 3 Students:

Alice in Wonderland was written by Lewis Carroll and was published in 1865. The story centres around a girl named Alice who, to satisfy her curiosity, followed a rabbit and fell in a deep hole. She ends up in a world full of peculiar characters, amongst which we find a rabbit who reads the time, a talking cat, soldiers made from a pack of cards, flowers that can talk and sing, a rabbit and a man who sing “happy unbirthday”, and a queen who was after everyone’s head!!

It was a great performance by all the students who were brilliantly directed by their teachers Ms Kylie Said and Ms Sharon Richards, and LSA’s Ms Amanda Portelli and Ms Dorianne Cuschieri.

Below are some pictures from the dress rehearsal and from the live performance.

Skills_day_2013_Yr3_1 photo (3) photo (4)Skills_day_2013_Yr3_4 Yr3 rehearsing



Skills Celebration Day (Jum iċ-Ċelebrazzjoni tal-Ħiliet) – 15/05/2013 – Year 4


Performance of The Pied Piper by Year 4 students:

This story is about a Pied Piper who claimed that he was capable of solving a situation of rat infestation in a small village called Hamelin. The village mayor promised  to pay him a number of gold coins if he succeeds. The Pied Piper kept his promise and managed to relieve the village from all the rats, but the same cannot be said of the mayor as he did not give the promised gold coins to the Pied Piper. In revenge the Pied Piper took away all the children of the village and nobody ever saw or heard of them again.

This great performance by Year 4 students was supported by their teacher Ms Angelique Attard.


Skills Celebration Day (Jum iċ-Ċelebrazzjoni tal-Ħiliet) – 15/05/2013 – Year 5


Performance of Iljieli Għarbin” (Arabian Nights) by Year 5 students:

Arabian Nights is a collections of stories that were written by a number of different authors along the centuries. It is said that most of these stories originated from Persia and India and later on other stories from the Middle East, Egypt and China were added to the collection. These stories used to be narrated by traders during their voyages to China to purchase silk.

The students of year 5 gave a great rendition of three popular stories, namely, Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, The Enchanted Horse and Ali Baba, but they did not tell the audience how the stories end in order to encourage them to read the stories themselves! Dr. Simone Micallef, their teacher, was the mastermind behind this performance.


Skills Celebration Day (Jum iċ-Ċelebrazzjoni tal-Ħiliet) – 15/05/2013 – Year 6


Performance of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Year 6 students:

The book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was written by Roald Dahl and narrates the story of 5 lucky children who managed to find the “Golden Tickets” hidden in chocolate wrappers by the famous chocolatier Willy Wonka. This ticket gave them the unique opportunity to visit the mysterious chocolate factory.

This was indeed a challenging performance but the Year  6 students’ rendition was fantastic.  They were greatly supported by their teachers Ms Marthese Morris and Ms Rosette Schembri Fedele, and their LSA Ms Marika Bezzina.