Year 3 pupils go mad for SuperT.

SuperTmatic in actionThis year two year 3 classes at Mgarr Primary took the SuperTmatic competition on board. The year 3 teachers (Ms Sharon Richard and Ms Kylie Vella) together with the Maths Support Teacher introduced the children to the card game and its rules.
Every week time was allocated for SuperT game sessions. All the children involved looked forward to play SuperT and class teachers noted improvement in children regarding mental calculations. This game generated a lot of interest amongst parents too and in one of the Parents’ meetings, children were invited in to show their parents how it’s played.

What is SuperTmatik?
SuperTmatik Mental Maths is an educational game which combines mental stimulation and fun to develop skills in the four basic maths operations (+, -, x, ÷).

Mgarr Primary participated in the 7th International Mental Maths Competition
Mental Math Championship 2012/13
In February we started preparing our participants for the championships by explaining the rules. There was an intra-class tournament in both Year 3 classes. This was a knock-out tournament for students in the same class. Then there was an inter-class tournament which was contested by the champions and runners up of each class. The finalists were Matteo Stagno and Shanice Sammut.

Contrary to what we thought, the children who did not make it to the final continued to support the finalists until the day of the grand finale. It was a united effort so that the school chooses the best finalists to compete in their name.


The Results of the 2012/13 Edition
Mgarr_Primary_SuperT_winners_w_teacherThe finalists at Mgarr Primary did very well. Matteo Stagno placed 10th and Shanice Sammut the 76th in Category 2. 7% of the 247,000 participants in The SuperTmatik Championships enrolled in Category 2 which means that 17, 290 were playing in this category. St. Nicholas College Mgarr Primary is proud of all the pupils who took part in this competition.

Full results can be found here.








How to play SuperTmatik?
In this video, one may learn more how this game is played.

Photos of the Maths trail outing

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