SEDQA sessions for Year 6

sedqa (1)On Thursday 28th November 2013, the year 6 students had an interesting workshop held by SEDQA. During this session the animator talked to the children about various vices such as smoking, drugs and learning how  to say NO! They discussed the topic abuse and learnt how to make good use of the helpline 179.

The students were given a workbook which they worked out together in class. They had a craft session during which the students made their own crafts using shapes and wrote down captions about things people should not to do such as: “Don’t Smoke!”

To conclude this session the students had a drama session during which the children, in pairs, had to role play various situations where one student had to say no to the pressure being imposed by the other.

This was a very rewarding session for the students during which they learnt important lessons for life. We thank SEDQA for the work they are doing for the community.

Kinder 1.2 planting their little plants

plant (1)plant (3)plant (2)

On 20th November 2013 the kinder 1.2 students of Ms Josianne Camilleri enjoyed the school garden, and outdoors, while learning about plants and the care needed when putting a plant in a pot.

The students learnt that plants need soil. Soil gives plants the necessary minerals which serve as food for the plant. The students also learnt about the importance of watering plants if they are to be kept alive.

Well done to all the students and their kindergarten assistant 😉

Cooking a Christmas Pudding

Pudina (3)Our year 3 classes joined forces on 28th November 2013 to cook a Christmas pudding. The students, together with their teachers Ms Rosette, Ms Rodianne and Ms Charlene (a student teacher), enjoyed themselves cooking a traditional Christmas pudding.

Apart from cooking, this session was a very educational experience during which students learnt about the importance of hygiene when handling food, giving them the opportunity to appreciate the art of cooking and served to allow students time to socialise in a relaxed environment.

Pudina (4)Pudina (3)Pudina (1)

Well done to all for the delicious pudding 😉

NAPO visits year 6

NAPO (8)NAPO (9)NAPO (16)

The Occupational Health and Safety staff prepared an interesting workshop for our 6 students.  The official mascot of the campaign NAPO (as created by a European Agency for Safety and Health at Work) visited our school on 27th November 2013.

During the visit, students were guided through a short film featuring NAPO and a poster exhibition targeting mainly health and safety signs. An interactive talk followed. NAPO distributed an informative and educational activity booklet produced by the OHSA which the students could work on in class or home. 

NAPO (27)NAPO (29)NAPO (30)

The aim of this work shop was to enable students to understand more fully the concept of Health and Safety, and in turn to be able to pass on the message to their parents.

You may visit the website below for more information: 

Learning through play

Learning through play is an essential part of the educational programme for children at kindergarten level. Kindergarten asistants provide different opportunities for children to enhance their fine motor skills, while socialising with their peers.

Below is a short photostory capturing some of the above mentioned moments of the children in kinder 1.3 of Ms Joanne Galea while learning through play.

Summer School Community Chest Fund Award

Community Chest Fund

It is with great pleasure that I announce that St Nicholas College, Mgarr Primary School was the school to collect most money during Summer School for Community Chest Fund.

The students who collected money during their summer school experience were invited to the the President’s Palace at Sant Anton were awarded a shield as recognition for collecting the bountiful sum of approximately 670 euro out of 3600 euro collected by all schools during summer school. This meant that Mgarr primary was the school to collect most funds during this initiative.

Well done to Ms Marilyn Bugeja who encouraged her students to donate money for a just cause.

Dogs Trusts Class Visits

Dogs (3)Dogs (2)Dogs (8)

At Dogs Trust’s teachers have a passion for animal welfare and a natural tendency to educate others about animal welfare.

Today, 19th November 2013, our students from year 1 to year 6 had a fun, exciting and educational workshop to help them to learn more about caring for dogs, responsible dog ownership and how to stay safe around dogs.

Dogs (6)Dogs (5)Dogs (4)

The students had the opporutnity to learn more about dogs through different interactive and experiential learning activities including brainstorming, role play, debates and discussions, group working, story telling and drama elements.

Dogs Trust believes that by educating the dog owners of tomorrow we can help to reduce the number of abandoned, stray and unwanted dogs in the future, and also have a healthier and happier society.

Dogs (9)Dogs (8)Dogs (7)

You may wish to take at the Dogs Trust website on Students may find loads of activities and resources free to download on

The school would like to take the opportunity to thank all the students and families who donated food for dogs. Your lunch will surely be enjoyed by our canine cmpanions 😉 The food has been donated to Noah’s Ark – Mellieħa. You may click on this link Thank You Letter to read the thank you letter sent by the management of Noah’s Ark Sanctuary, Malta.

Maths Workshops for year 6

Maths (1)Maths is an integral part of our daily routine. Sometimes students struggle with this subject. However, our teachers always do their best to present maths as a fun activity.

The best way to learn maths is through hand-ons activities, where students learn by discovery. With the support of our Maths support teacher, a number of maths lessons are being delivered at school with the aim of having students coming up with their own solutions and discoveries during a set of planned workshops.

Maths (4)Maths (3)Maths (2)

Mdina Fieldwork…

Mdina (2)Mdina (1)Mdina (3)

On Thursday 14th November 2013 the two Year 5 classes visited to Mdina to carry out a Social Studies fieldwork exercise valid for their half yearly exams.

Mdina (6)Mdina (5)Mdina (4)

It was an enjoyable experience in this magnificent old city of Malta.

Mdina (9)Mdina (8)Mdina (7)

The weather was kind enough to allow the pupils to perform their tasks while admiring their splendid surroundings.

Mdina (12)Mdina (11)Mdina (10)

Many children commented that they never had so much fun while doing an exam.

Mdina (16)Mdina (17)Mdina (18)

Dr Simone Micallef