Christmas Biscuits…

On 9th December 2013 the K2.1 students of Ms Marija Spiteri, together with their LSA Ms Ruth Debono, and the students of K2.4 of Ms Janice Vella cooked some delicious biscuits in preparation for Christmas.


The students were given time to roll out the dough, cut their biscuits using different shaped cutters and to decorate their biscuits with chocolate. This cookery lesson served to teach the students a number of fine motor skills, food handling skills and socialising skills while enjoying themselves.


Well done to the kindergarten assistant, the LSA and to our litte chefs for the delicious biscuits cooked 🙂


Christmas Fair 2013

15th December 2013 was another great event in the school’s calendar. The school council, together with a number of parent helpers, organised a Christmas Fun Fair at our school.

Christmas Fair

During the fair a number of stalls were prepared selling a great selection of items including ponsiettas, books, costume jewellery, make-up, body and skin care products, chocolates, doughnuts, cribs and gingerbreadman biscuits. There was a food stall for those who wanted to have a snack.

To add to the fun, there was a play area with face painting and games organised for children. Visitors had the opportunity to take a photo with Santa Claus. Mass was celebrated by Father Jimmy and a small concert followed. We had singers and a violonist who animated the show.

Well done to the organisers, helpers and vendors. A special thanks goes to all those who attended the Christmas Fair. All procedes will go for the school curtain.

Thank you 🙂

Christmas Maths Workshop for Year 1

On 12th December 2013 they year 1 students of Ms Marilyn (yr 1.1 teacher) and Ms Louise (yr 1.2 teacher) had fanstastic maths workshops which were organised with the help of the maths support teacher, Ms Joanne Vella.


Organising such maths workshops required a lot of preparation and co-ordination between the class teachers and the maths support teacher. It is very satisfying to see the results of great team work.


During the maths workshops, Ms Janice Vella Muscat (Yr 2.1 teacher), Ms Josephine (LSA), Ms Isabelle and Ms Morris (both maths support teachers) assisted the class teachers and their students. It is through such experiences that in our education system we work hard to instill a love towards maths.

The workshops included: sponge printing (to learn shapes), decorating the Christmas under 1 minute (to learn time), sorting caps according to colour (sequencing), sorting thinsel (to learn longer and shorter), helping Bee-Bot eat his chocolate treat (thinking skills, direction and counting) and matching number cards to value cards (number concepts).

Well done to all and keep up the good work 😉 Special thanks goes to our photographer Ryan Micallef, a year 5 student 🙂

Learning through play…

The teachers at Mgarr Primary strive hard to help their students learn through play and by making use of hands-on sessions. Even technology features in their daily lessons.

Year 2.2

The photos above show the students during an English lesson during which students were learning the use of ‘a’ or ‘an’. We can see the students having  fun during maths lessons learning counting in twos with the help of interlocking blocks. Finally we can see our students using their “technological friend” Bee-Bot who helped them to learn the names of various colours.

Well done to Ms Stephanie for the hard work done 😉

At the Aquarium

Aquarium (2)On 10th December 2013 the year 1 students visited the National Aquarium at Buġibba.

The children were amazed by the different species of fish found at this aquarium. They learned about these fish, their different characteristics and their habitat.

After seeing the fish in all the sections of the aquarium, children were guided to another section where they had their lunch. Afterwards, they were given a colouring sheet to colour one of the fish found at the aquarium.


Biex Jibdew…

L-għalliema tagħna dejjem jagħmlu ħilithom biex lit-tfal jagħtuhom tgħallim b’mod mill-aktar kreattiv u prattiku. Għalxejn inpaċpċu… L-aħjar mod ta’ kif it-tfal jitgħallmu huwa billi jużaw mod konkret fejn it-tfal imissu b’idejhom stess dak li qed jitgħallmu.


Ms Marilyn, għalliema tal-year 1.1, toħloq ċirkustanzi ta’ tgħallim fejn it-tfal iridu jħaddmu moħħhom, jużaw idejhom u fl-istess ħin jiddiskutu ma’ sħaba fuq l-aħjar soluzzjoni.

F’dawn l-attivitajiet qed naraw lit-tfal jagħmlu eżerċizzji differenti biex jitgħallmu b’liema ħoss jibda ċertu kliem u liema hi l-ewwel ittra. Dan huwa eżerċizzju importanti li l-quddiem iwassal biex it-tfal jitgħallmu jaqraw. Ta’ min jinnota li anke l-użu tal-kompjuter jilgħab rwol importanti meta jinħolqu eżerċizzji addatti mill-għalliema stess.

Prosit tassew 🙂