Day: December 7, 2013

Dinja Waħda Awards 2013

On 5th December 2013 Ms Rodgers and 2 students from our school when to receive the Gold Award which was awarded to our school for participating in Dinja Waħda during the scholastic year 2012-2013. Well done to all students, teachers, KGAs, LSAs and Ms Rodgers for this achievement 🙂

St Nicholas Day 2013

Friday 6th December was a special day for our college since this happens to be the date when we celebrate the feast of St Nicholas who is the patron saint of our college. The college principal called the schools to celebrate this special day together at Mgarr Parish Church. Student representatives from all the schools […]

Show and Tell

Students learn a number of literacy skills at school. Since the introduction of the Benchmark Exam, oracy has been given its importance, being recognised as one of the major skills required by students to enhance their literacy skills. A good method to enhance oracy skills is by giving students the opportunity to speak to an audience about […]

Dinosaurs galore…

During another mid-week session the year 3 students of Ms Rosette made a very interesting craft about dinosaurs. The students made use of pasta to create their own dinosaur skeletons. Apart from enhancing their fine motor skills, students had to think of the best way to make use of pasta in order to create their […]

Traditional Games on St Martin’s Day

(The photos collage above was prepared by Ms Tiziana Borg, yr 6 teacher) This year Mgarr primary celebrated St Martin’s Day with a difference. The School Council, together with 12 parents helpers organised a Traditional Games Fun Day for all the school. A number of games were organised including Iż-żunżna ddur iddur, Ċuċċu Trejn, Il-Ġurdien […]