Year: 2014

Celebration Day 2014

Today, 18th December 2014, was a special day for all the students of Mgarr Primary School. Celebration Day is the day dedicated to all our students with the aim of celebrating the different abilities of our students. All students participated in a great performance performed in front of the parents. Well done to all the […]

Christmas Biscuits

The K1.2 and K1.3 students of Ms Joanne Galea and Ms Josianne Camilleri prepared some fantastic biscuits in preparation for Christmas. The students were given time to roll out the dough and decorate their biscuits. This cookery lesson served to teach the students a number of fine motor skills and food handling techniques. Very delicious […]


The year 5.1 students of Dr Micallef prepared the last day for the school Novena. The students prepared a short play to retell the story of the nativity. The students sang some Christmas carols. Well done to all 🙂

St Nicholas Day 2014

St Nicholas is the patron saint protector of our College. The feast of St Nicholas falls on 6th December. Since this year the 6th happened to be a Saturday, the college organised a special event for students from the various schools of our college on 5th December 2014. The celebrations began with a the celebration […]

A Social Event for Parents

A Brunch was organised by the School Council for parents and relatives on 12th December.The weather landed itself perfectly for this event. Those present enjoyed their brunch in the veranda at Ta’ Soldi on a beautiful sunny morning. During the event the parents had the opportunity to socialise, while helping the school to raise funds. […]

Irriċikla għall-Istrina 2014

Today, 12th December 2015, our contribution of recycled plastic bottle tops was collected at our school.  Thanks to all of our students and their families, Greenpak collected 25 large bags. For each kilo of your gentle donations, €1 will be donated to L-Istrina Campaign 2014. These caps will then be recycled. A big well done!! […]

Novena for Kindergarten students

Illum ġiet fi tmiemha n-novena li ġiet organizzata għat-tfal tal-Kinder kollha.  Għal tlett ijiem it-tfal inġabru fis-sala u tkellimna magħhom dwar Marija, Ġużeppi u l-Bambin.  Tkellimna dwar it-twelid ta’ Ġesu u dwar it-trobbija tiegħu.  L-akbar tfal tal-Kinder irreċtaw ukoll xi sitwazzjonijiet li tkellimna fuqhom fosthom it-twelid tal-Bambin u l-ħarba mill-Eġittu tas-Sagra Familja.  Fl-aħħar tan-novena t-tfal […]

Teddy Bear Hospital for kinder students…

The Malta Medical Students Association visited our school to organise an activity with our Kinder pupils.  The pupils were introduced to medical equipment such as the stetoscope and temperature and were encouraged to use it on their teddy bears.  The aim of this activity was to familiarize pupils with the medical equipment used by the […]

Robin Feeder…

The Kinder 1.2 students of Ms Joanne Galea are working in full force for the Dinja Waħda project. A few days ago the students were informed about the migration of robins and they made a beautiful collage. Ms Galea took this activity one step further. She made a robin feeder using a sieve (thus recycling […]

Maths Workshops for Year 1 students…

On 3rd December 2014, the year 1 students of Ms Marilyn Bugeja and Ms Louise Cutajar, together with their LSAs, Ms Josephine Galea and Ms Anna Cassar had a great day fun packed with maths workshops. These workshops were coordinated by Ms Joanne Vella, Maths Support Teacher. The workshops consisted of a number of stations. […]