Pizza Wraps…


On Wednesday, 30th January, Year 1.1 children,  were very excited because they were going to prepare a healthy tasty pizza on a wrap. Children were asked to follow the instructions carefully. After preparing the ingredients, they placed them on their wrap and then, these were put in the oven for a few minutes. When wraps were cooked, children enjoyed their delicious wrap.

Special thanks goes to their teacher Ms Marilyn, and their LSAs Ms Josephine and Ms Alison 🙂


Dinja Waħda

The school, as in previous years, has embarked on Dinja Waħda project aiming to make our students become more aware about the environment and wildlife. Ms Rodgers updates the noticeboard regularly with students’ work and other useful information. Keep up the good work 🙂



Dinja Waħda… Robin Round Up

Trapping of wild robins was common practice in Malta. However due to awareness campaigns in school by Birdlife, this habit has been reduced. The Robin Roundup activity is a constant reminder to encourage students to stop wild robin trapping.


The year 3.2 students of Ms Rodianne had the opportunity to learn more about this sweet bird which visits our country during winter to protect itself from colder winters abroad. The robin travels long distances to reach our island. Pity that some robins end up trapped in a cage, rather than being enjoyed in our countryside.

Students prepared craft robins which were displayed in class as a follow up to this activity.

Hand puppets…

The kindergarten students of Ms Maria Debono, together with their LSA, Ms Marika, have prepared some wonderful puppets.


The puppets were made of socks. The socks were decorated with buttons, wool and other material to bring these puppets to life.

Well done for the wonderful crafts created 🙂

Maths with a difference…

On 17th January 2014 the year 3.1 students of Ms Rosette and the year 3.2 students of Ms Rodianne had a hands on maths lesson. This lesson was co-ordinated and organised by the Maths support teacher, Ms Joan Vella.


The students had to make their on healthy sandwich. However they had to prepare their shopping list and then go shopping to buy the ingredients needed for this sandwich. They had to pay for the ingredients and make sure that they were given the correct change.


The children enjoyed their shopping. They went to the baker and to the grocer at Mgarr. When they returned to school they prepared their healthy sandwiches.

Well done to everyone 😉

GingerChoc Day 2014

Ginger (1)Ginger (3)Ginger (2)

On Friday 24th January 2014 we celebrated GingerChoc Day. All students enjoyed their gingerbread man and hot chocolate. The school would like to thank all the parents for participating in this event. All proceeds will go for a good cause for the school.

The school would also like to thank the school council members for their hard work and for ensuring the smooth running of this event 🙂

Science and Technolgy Project Yr 5 and Yr 6

Science Yr 5The year 5 and year 6 students have been busy during the past science lessons. The students were given a task to build  a crane which could raise and lower a load. The load had to be raised or lowered by 50 cm.

Science Yr 6

The students were not allowed to use metal objects (except for the hook of the crane). They were allowed to use cardboard boxes. Students were divided into groups and had to design their own crane, build it, make a suitable base to keep the crane steady (e.g. by using stones, wood, etc.) and they had to test out their crane.

The students enjoyed doing their projects while enhancing team building skills. Well done to all 🙂