Month: February 2014

Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle…

Photos taken by Pierre Sammut DOI 26th February 2014 was a day to remember for our year 6 students. The Honorable Dr Godfrey Farrugia, Minister for Health, visited our school and was a pioneer in promoting a healthy lifestyle among our students and members of staff. This event was organised by the Local Council of Mgarr and […]

Safety at Sea

Ms Joanne Galea of K1.3 has been teaching her students about safety at sea. She introduced the topic to the children by bringing life jackets and a rescue ring. The students had the opportunity to role play a boat trip. The students wore a life jacket and they drove on a boat in a scenario […]

Literacy at a very early stage…

On 17th February 2014 I had the opportunity to visit the Kinder 1.4 class of Ms Janice. Although at such a tender age, the children’s independence and eagerness to learn struck me immediately. Students revised recognition of letters done so far in Maltese namely a, b, ċ, d, e and f. The KGA then introduced […]

Transport… Aeroplanes… Counting is fun!

Seldom are the moments when I can really appreciate what goes on at school in our classrooms. Today I had the opportunity to visit Ms Joanne and her students of K1.3 during their morning routine. The first thing that captured my attention was the way the students gathered round their KGA to sing their morning […]

Coffee Morning and Karaoke for Parents

On 14th February 2014 the School Council organised a coffee morning, pasta lunch and Karaoke to celebrate Valentine’s day with a difference. The parents enjoyed this get together while helping the school to raise funds for the numerous projects in hand. Thank you all for your participation. Well done to the organisers Angela Portelli and […]

Klabb Kittieba Żgħar – Yr4 sa Form 2

Agħfas hawn biex tniżżel l-applikazzjoni: Klabb Kittieba Zghar – Applikazzjoni Marzu sa Mejju 2014 It-tfal li jipparteċipaw jeħtieġu jkunu jafu jitkellmu u jiktbu b’Malti u b’Ingliżta’ livell addattat għll-eta`tagħom. Jekk in-numru ta’ parteċpanti rikjest kemm tfal kif ukoll adulti ma jintlaħqx il-klabb jista’ ma jsirx. L-applikazzjonijiet jintlaqgħu sa nhar l-Erbgħa 5 ta’ Marzu 2014. Il-ħlas […]

Klabb Perlina – Attivita’ għall-vaganzi tal-Karnival

Agħfas hawn biex tniżżel l-applikazzjoni: Klabb Perlina – Applikazzjoni 2014.