Prepositions… Above and Under…

PrepositionsThe Kinder 1.2 students of Ms Josianne Camilleri have been learning about prepositions. The two keywords the students learnt during this session were: above and under.

The students created a water scene. Then they had to make images of a fish, dolphin, turtle and ducks either above or below the sea using sponge printing techniques.

Well done 😉

Malta National Aquarium

The year 4 students had the opportunity to visit the Malta National Aquarium. Not only was this an experience worth viewing, but it also gave the  students the opportunity to learn about the different species of marine animals. They also had the opportunity to see fish and other marine creatures which one cannot find in the Maltese coast.


Ta’ Qali Crafts Village

Alka01On 21st February 2014, the year 4.1 students of Ms Angelique Attard visited the Crafts’ Village at Ta’ Qali. The students had the opportunity to have a hands on session at Alka Ceramics using pottery. The students created beautiful designs, made of clay, under the guidance of the Alka ceramics staff.


Following this session, the students enjoyed the outdoors an the National Park of Ta’ Qali. Well done for the art work 😉


Safety Mat for Kindergarten Students…

At our school we do our best to provide our students with a sound education in a safe environment. With the help of the parents, who always help us to raise funds for the embellishment of the school, we have now installed safety mats, for the kindergarten children in the internal yard.


This was a very ambitious project, but thanks to your kind donations, the project has become a reality.

On behalf of the staff and the students, I would like to thank you all for your generosity 🙂

The Lion and the Mouse…

The K1.2 students of Ms Josianne Camilleri have been kept very busy during the past week. The KGA took the opportunity to teach her students about friendship using the story of The Lion and the Mouse. This story promotes diversity and emphasises the fact everyone matters, irrespective of their age, size, colour, gender etc.


The KGA made use of this lesson to teach her students maths shapes and colours.


Finally the students enjoyed making a collage of the lion and the mouse to celebrate their friendship. Well done 🙂

Ħallini Ħieles…

Hieles01The K1.3 students of Ms Joanne Galea have been busy learning about animals. The KGA made sure her students would appreciate these friendly creatures while giving them some food for thought.

The students were made to reflect about the importance of leaving birds free, rather than captured in a cage or, even worse, mummified as a trophy. This activity was linked to Dinja Waħda project.


The students made a replica of the earth (all craft was made from recycled material). Then each student coloured in a bird. Each bird was displayed flying around the earth. The birds were also used in a maths lesson to enhance number and value recognition.

On a different note, below we see the students proudly presenting their work on the class notice board. Since students have been learning about animals, the theme was appropriately chosen as Ir-Razzett”.


Road Safety Talks

On 18th March 2014, representatives from Transport Malta visited our school and held a session about transport and road safety for our year 2 and year 3 students.

Road Safety

During this session the students had the opportunity to learn about road safety and become more aware of basic safety rules when crossing roads or using bicycles and zebra crossings in pedestrian areas.

Animal Farm…

For the past days, I had the opportunity to see kindergarten assistants and LSAs decorating their notice boards in a very artistic manner. I was lucky enough to see the work in progress of the notice board of K2.3 since this is very close to my office.

Animal Collage

The students are learning about animals and thus the notice board is being set up with the theme of a farm. The students were involved in setting up this notice board as one can see from the pictures above.

Well done to Ms Joan Vella and Ms Anna Cassar 😉