Month: April 2014

Marathon Walk 2014

On Tuesday 29th April 2014 the school embarked on a Marathon Walk. The children had been given sponsor sheets with the aim of collecting funds for the school council. This Marathon Walk was linked to Science Fieldwork which was co-ordinated by the science teacher, Ms Charmaine Mifsud, together with the class teachers. Year 3 to […]

Annual Exams 2014

Below is the timetable for the Annual Exams June 2014 for year 4, 5 and 6:

UEFA Art Competition

On Friday 25th April 2014, a judge from the Malta Football Association visited our school to judge the display of the children’s art work with the theme “Respect in Sport”. Our students drew different works of art which were displayed on two school notice boards by Ms Rodgers and Ms Said. The judge was accompanied by Mr […]

WasteServ and Batterina…

On 10th April 2014 Batterina, the WasteServ mascot visited our school. The aim was to make our students aware of the harm done to the environment when batteries are not disposed of in battery bins. Representatives from WasteServ visited the year 4, 5 and 6 classes and presented workshops and information to our students about […]

Easter Greetings

Greetings from all the staff at Mgarr Primary. Happy Easter 🙂

The Skeleton…

Educating our children about the anatomy of the human body is important. Children should learn, from an early stage, how the body functions and what is needed to keep our body healthy. During one of their lessons, Ms Marilyn of year 1.1 helped the students become aware of some of the major bones in our […]


Learning through play is one of our school’s philosophies. Ms Marilyn Bugeja of year 1.1 thought of helping her students learn directions by playing a game in the school yard. Not only were the students learning their directions, but the teacher also linked this activity to numeracy. Well done 😉

World Book Day

This week we are celebrating Library Week, and today, 9th April 2014, happened to be World Book Day. Reading is an essential part of every individual’s personal development. To kick start the day, our year 2.1 students prepared a special assembly commemorating world book day. During the assembly the students explained the different genres of […]

Ambaxxaturi tal-Qari…

4th April 2014 was a special day for our school. Special guests visited our school as “reading ambassadors”. The aim of this event was to promote reading. The school officially launched its first issue of the school magazine, Mit-Tfal… Għat-Tfal… Ganni and Corazon, together with the Permanent secretary, Mr Joseph Caruana, Ms Coleiro, Mr David Muscat and Mr […]

The Malta National Aquarium…Educational Outing

On Monday 17th March 2014 the two Year 5 classes visited the Malta National Aquarium in Qawra. It was an extraordinary experience walking around the passageways of this virtual underwater environment whilst admiring the various species of fish and other marine life so skilfully gathered in this one place. The children could hardly contain their […]