Youth Manifesto and the Commissioner for Children

On 20th June 2014 a Youth Manisfesto was organised at our school for the year 6 students. The aim of this session was for the Commissioner of Children, Mrs Helen D’Amato, to make our students aware of the importance of internet safety and of having a more secure and interesting internet service.


The students played an interesting game. Important messages lay within this game, such as the importance of not giving personal information on the internet, the helpline 179 and others.

The children contributed by giving their feedback and suggestions on the following website: and

We encourage all our students to visit the above sites which are tailored made for their needs.

The school would like to thank Mrs D’Amato and her team for having given our students the opportunity to voice their opinion and to give their feedback on such an important issue.



Our students have been busy working towards making our school environment a better place to be in. The scorching sun does not only have a direct impact on us human beings, but it also affects the environment we live in.


Our school is surrounded with beautiful gardens, but if not taken care of all trees and plants would dry up. Under the direction of Ms Rodgers, our students watered the plants and trees. Thank you and well done 🙂

A shore thing…

On 6th June 2014 the Kinder 1 students of Ms Joanne and Ms Josianne went to Gnejna for a hands on session. The aim was to make our students aware of natural sea habitat, it being home to many different creatures.


The students learnt about different forms of fish and other sea creatures that live in our coasts. They also learnt the importance of keeping shores clean and encouraged tourists to take care of our environment.


Finally the students made a sand collage in commemoration of their participation in the Dinja Waħda project.

All hands on deck for Dinja Waħda

Dinja Wahda01

The school is working in full force towards an ambitious project to raise environmental awareness. Last year we reached the Gold Award target for Dinja Waħda. Ms Rodgers is co-ordinating this project and, together with all the members of staff and students, she is working hard to promote environmental awareness and a love for wild life.

Dinja Wahda02

Above are some photos capturing different acitivities being tackled by various classes including bird migration, the Dinja Waħda logo and work on the notice board, nurturing respect towards nature including the tiniest of creatures such as ants, on-site fieldwork regarding the importance of rubble walls which feature in our countryside, etc.


Well done to everyone for working so hard and good luck on your achievements 😉