Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles…

The Kinder 1.4 students of Ms Janice had a very bubbly day today. During one of the activities held in their schedule, the students were given the opportunity to create a bubble collage.


Through such an activity the students learn colours, have fun and create a most interesting bubble collage while helping their lungs to grow stronger when blowing out to create bubbles 🙂


Pasta Day… Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle

On 29th October 2014 the School Council organised a Pasta Day for our students. The aim of this activity was to promote healthy eating in order to promote a healthier lifestyle.


The students enjoyed their pasta which was prepared with great dedication by Ms Angela Portelli and Ms Rose Schembri.

The school administration would like to thank the parent helpers who found the time to come and give a helping hand with serving pasta to our students 🙂

School Arbor Committee

On 30th October 2014 a meeting for School Arbor Representatives from various schools was held in the school hall. The purpose of the meeting was to explain activities that are carried out by the School Arbor Committee. A tour of our school yard was carried out since our school yard hosts a variety of trees.


“The SAC is set to promote the love of trees and forests in the Maltese Islands under the Ministry of Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change and works closely with the Education Authorities.”

The session was delivered by the chairperson of SAC, Dr. Charles F. Fenech.

Little chefs at work…

The students of Ms Janice Vella (K1.4) and Ms Marija Spiteri (K2.3) have been enjoying their first cooking lesson for this scholastic year.


The students, with the help of their Kindergarten Assistants, cooked some delicious pizza.


Thank you to our little chefs for sharing this experience and well done 🙂


A snapshot of year 6.1

The Yr 6.1 students of Ms Raisa Cutajar have kick started the year through a number of various activities. An element of fun is always present. The photos taken in the school playing area evidence of this.

Year 6.1

The teacher enhances team work in her maths lessons and students have been learning fractions by helping each other other sorting their “pizza fractions”.

Year 6.1 (3)

The students are also given the opportunity to enhance their creativity by making their own collages using pasta and other recycled material to create “faces”.

Year 6.1 (2)

well done 🙂

Let the cooking begin…

The students of Ms Joanne Galea in K1.2 and Ms Josianne Camilleri of K1.3 enjoyed their first cookery lesson for this scholastic year 2014-2015. The students cooked some delicious pizzas. The school smelt wonderful while the pizzas were being cooked.


Such are the learning experiences we offer at our school to ensure a holistic education. Well done and thank you for the yummy pizza 🙂

Snapshots from Year 4.1

The students of Ms Kylie Vella of Year 4.1 have been busy learning, yet having fun at school.

Below are some photos showing the students proudly presenting their art and crafts work, celebrating a class mates birthday and Alexandra wearing a Ninja Costume… One might wonder… Well this is a very good initiative better known as “Star of the Week”.The “Star of the Week” student is allowed to present anything in class to the classmates related to hobbies,  personal skills, etc.


Can we join the fun?  🙂

Family Tree Collage

Tree01The students of Ms Joanne Galea in kinder 1.2 have been busy gearing up for an eventful year. Since it is always good practice to start teaching our students from the known and then move on to the unkown, one of the first lessons is about family.

Tree02The students made their own family tree. The first stage of learning took place by doing a collage of the stem of the tree. The leaves of the tree were made by the children’s own hand prints.

Tree03The students then were allowed time to stick the photos of different family members on this tree. The students also made use of sand to finalise the collage title: “Family Tree”.

Tree04Such activities are beneficial to students not only because they enhance learning, but because these activities enhance team work and social skills. Well done to the students, Ms Galea, KGA and Ms Debono, LSA 🙂