Helping our students become creative and literate…

CraftThe year 1.1 students of Ms Louise Cutajar have been experimenting with paint. During an art and craft lesson, they used different colours of paint to create various patterns.

Show and tell

On another occassion the students were asked to bring their favourite toy to school for a show and tell session. During such sessions students are encouraged to speak about something, in this case a toy. The aim is to enhance the students’ confidence while encouraging them to practice their spoken skills in both Maltese and English 🙂

Theatre in Education… X’se Ndoqqu?

On the 19th November 2014, the year 5.2 students of Ms Sharon Calleja, went on an extremely interesting outing at the Drama Unit in Blata l-Bajda. First the children talked about musical instruments and how they are played. They mentioned the wind instruments, strings and percussions. Then, they played a game called Maestro where they imitated playing a particular instrument and made sounds that mimic the sound made by that instrument.  In another activity, the children were given flashcards with pictures of different musical instruments. In pairs they mimed how to play that instrument and the rest of the children had to guess which instrument it was. Later the students went to the theatre and watched a group of actors gathering for rehearsals and discussing how to go about the play they should perform. Finally, the students saw the actual play about Ulysses being performed and they were involved in the play by playing the musical instruments during the performance when instructed to do so. This was a very enjoyable experience for everyone 🙂

Social Studies Fieldwork

On 13th November 2014, the year 5.2 students of Ms Sharon Calleja, went to Masaxlokk. This outing was related to their social studies fieldwork. At Marsaxlokk the students saw and talked about many things related to fishing and acquaculture.


Student were given a booklet to work out and fill and while storlling around Marsaxlokk to find the answers to their questions. The students saw different fishing boats – their size, colours, use and even maintenance work being done on a luzzu.  They were lucky enough to meet a group of fishermen and women who were cleaning their nets and getting ready for their next fishing trip. This gave the students the opportunity to learn about their work.

Later they met another group of fishermen who were ready from their fishing trip and were pulling their boat up for maintenance works. This was such a wonderful learning experience for the students who had the opportunity to see what the teacher had been explaining in class right there in Marsaxlokk!


As part of the entrepreneurship project 2014 the year 5.2 students of Ms Calleja were divided in groups or pairs. They were asked to come up with a project on a topic of their choice.

During the 3 sessions carried out in the school hall by Mr Max Bartolo, the children discussed and planned their work. When they reached the final stages, they presented their ideas to their friends.


These photos show a sample of the student’s work. Melchior Mifsud and Faith Schembri showed the desire to present their work to the class since they could not use a laptop in the school hall to present their work there. They talked to the class about their pet dog.

Exploring verbs… The Present Continuous

Verbs 01During one of the Language lessons, the year 5.2 students of Ms Sharon Calleja talked about the present continuous. The learning intention was clearly displayed on the board and the class talked about what the present continuous and when it is used. A powerpoint followed to help students understand this topic better. The presentation served to allow students time to practise using the present continuous in the interactive exercises that followed. The students were also given flashcards with different verbs written on them. Each verb displayed on the flashcard was changed to the present continuous and that verb was then presented in a sentence created by the students themselves.

Verbs 02A class activity followed where the students had to work in groups. The teacher gave each group a picture. The students observed the picture attentively and wrote several sentences using the present continuous, based on what they were seeing. Finally, each group presented their work to the rest of the class.

Doubling and Halving…

Maths 01The year 5.2 students of Ms Sharon Calleja did a series of Mathematics lessons about doubling and halving. Since the lessons were held close to Halloween, during one of our lessons the student played an on-line game called Ghost Blasters. They were then given a number and they had to find the ghost which had the double of that number written on it. It was so much fun 🙂

Maths 02

In another lesson, the students carried out an investigation. The students started with a number and kept doubling / halving it several times to see how many times this could be done.

Then, the students practised more on-line games for doubling and halving 🙂

Science Experiments…

During a Science lesson the yr 5.2 students of Ms Ssaron Calleja talked about the scientific process and how experiments should be conducted. The students carried out an experiment with a glass of water, some salt and an egg. First the children were asked to predict what would happen to the egg if was to be placed in a glass of water. After hearing their hypothesis, the teacher placed the egg in the water and it sank.  The class discussed why the egg sank. Then the children were asked to predict what would happen to the egg if salt is added to the water. After hearing the children’s predictions, salt was added in the water and the egg was placed in the mixture. To the children’s surprise, the egg floated. The class discussed why this could have happened and reached the conclusion that when salt is added, this increases the water’s density. Thus the egg floated as it was lighter than the water.

After this activity some children in class created their own experiments and shared them with their friends. Here are some photos of Faith Schembri explaining why a balloon bursts when placed on 1 pin and pressed, but does not burst when placed on several pins and pressed. Then there was Giuseppe Azzopardi who showed the different objects and materials that sink or float in water.Science

Fieldwork at Valletta

The year 6 students of Ms Raisa Cutajar and Ms Ingrid Frendo went for an educational outing at Valletta. During their visit in the capital city of Malta, the students did fieldwork related to the social studies syllabus. This was an excellent hands-on learning opportunity for students.


First Aid Training and use of a Defibrillator…

A number of educators and SMT members from various colleges attended a course on CPR (Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation) and use of AED (defibrillator – donated to the school by courtesy of Maratona bir-Roti 2014 campaign oraganised by San Gorg Preca College) at St Nicholas College Mġarr Primary.

AED Course (1)The course was organized by the non-governmental organisation ERRC and delivered by Mr Mario Saliba.  During this one day course the educators had the chance to practice CPR and use an AED.  An AED is used in cases of cardiac arrest.  

AED Course (2)