Dinja Waħda… A shore thing


SeaThe Kindergarten students of Ms Josianne Camilleri have been learning about the shores of Malta and about the numerous creatures that live around the coast of Malta. Many of these creatures are hard to find nowadays and unless we protect our beaches and shores they risk to vanish forever. Well done to our little ambassadors for raising awareness about our environment 🙂


Green Club on the go!



Ms Rodgers, assistant head and coordinator of the school’s green club, has been keeping our members busy. The Green Club students are responsible for updating and decorating the notice board, among other things.

The Green Club have been busy growing an avocado nursery and taking care of the sunflowers which have been planted at school following the Hospice Awareness campaign. Such activities enhance environmental awareness, while offering our students moments of joy and pride.

Well done to all 🙂

Festa Frawli Certificate Presentation

FrawliA good number of students were presented with a certificate for participating in the Festa Frawli 2015 organised by the Local Council of Mġarr. These students prepared beautiful art work which was displayed along the school gates during Festa Frawli for all to appreciate the work of our students. Well done to all participants 🙂

Special thanks to Ms Rodgers, assistant head, for coordinating this event!


Fruit-a-licious… Beebot Maths Activity…

The K1.5 students have been cooking a fruit-a-licious healthy breakfast cup which included strawberry yogurt, plain cereal and fresh strawberries. Apart from promoting a healthy lifestyle, the students had the opportunity to learn about different colours, textures and tastes, while enhancing their find motor skills.


During a maths activity the students used the Bee-bot to learn number. Bee-bot is a robot which moves forwards, backwards, turns right and left depending on the instructions it is given by the students 🙂



Little Scientists…

ExperimentThe K2.2 students of Ms Joan Vella were in a for a great surprise. Ms Joan Vella had a surprise in store. The aim of the experiment was for the students to see that we are surrounded by air… Air, being invisible, was made visible to the students through an experiment. The students were made aware that we breathe air and that we need to keep the air clean.


Finger Painting

The K2.1 students of Ms Maria Debono have been putting their artistic skills at work. Students were given a template of a flower. The flower was decorated by dipping the index finger in paint and creating a lovely work of art.


From a very young age students learn a number of skills, while learning colours, shapes, fostering a love towards flowers and nurturing love for our environment 🙂

Dinja Waħda… f-ANT-astic

The Kindergarten students of Ms Maria Debono embarked on their Dinja Waħda project… f-ANT-astic. Through this activity students learn about the different types of ants that lived in the same “household” including the queen ant, the worker ants (who collect food for their nest) and the soldier ants, who are bigger in size than the workers and who do their utmost to protect their nest.


The story has it that a careless woman threw the cigarette in the garden and this caused the ants to flee away from their nest leaving all their food behind. They settled in a new home, but they had a lot of work to do. Luckily they came across a girl who helped them out by dropping breadcrumbs close to their new nest.


Souffle and Smoothies

The Kindergarten students of Ms Joanne and Ms Janice have been busypreparing souffle and smoothies using a healthy alternative to sweets.


The souffle was prepared using sponges, a custard, yoghurt and fruit.


The smoothies were made by blending strawberries, bananas, yoghurt and milk. A very tasty and healthy drink 🙂