Month: May 2015

Parental Skills Course

22 parents were awarded a certificate for participating in a parental skills course organised at our school. The course was coordinated by SEDQA through LEAP and consisted of 6 sessions, held once weekly. Mr Cauchi animated the sessions and parents were very enthusiastic and gave positive feedback about the course. Well done to all 🙂

A healthy snack

The kindergarten students have been busy learning about healthy eating. During one of their activities the students prepared their own healthy snack – mashed potatoes – which are rich in starch and calcium (derived from the milk) 🙂

Promoting Healthy Eating Habits

Promoting a healthy lifestyle is of great relevance in today’s society. Children tend to spend long hours seated, either doing homework, playing on the computer or with a tablet, watching TV, etc. Thus promoting an active lifestyle and healthy eating habits are promoted at our school from a very early age.

Puttinu Cares

The School Council Members presented a €400 cheque to Puttinu Cares. This money was collected during our Celebration Day last December. The school would like to thank all the parents and members of staff for their generous donations.

Farewell to the College Principal

On 7th May the school organised a special assembly for the college principal, Mr Sammut. He has served the college for the past 7 years and was instrumental in bringing St Nicholas College in the state it is today. When he was appointed college principal, he had to build the college from scratch. As the […]

Crowning of Our Lady

On 6th May 2015 the school celebrated the feast of Our Lady of Pompei. May is the month dedicated to Our Lady. All the students from kinder to year 6 went to Mgarr Parish Church where mass was celebrated by the newly appointed parish priest, Dun Kalcidon. The reading and other preparations were prepared by […]

Buffet Breakfast for Mother’s Day…

The School Council organised a buffet breakfast for the celebration of Mother’s Day. All those who attended the event had a great time. All proceeds from the event will be used to purchase more literacy resources for the students. [slideshow id=2] Thank you for your constant help and support. Special thanks to the organisers: Ms […]

Dinja Waħda… Fikx in trouble…

The Kindergarten students of Ms Joanne, Ms Janice and Ms Marija have been busy working on another Dinja Waħda project. Through this project the students had time to visit the school garden and to observe different creatures that live in the soil. This project was an opportunity for students to learn about lizards, spiders, birds, […]