Reading during Summer Holidays!!!

readingThere is considerable evidence to show that in summer, students may lose some of the educational gain made during the previous school year. One of the ways of combatting this setback is by encouraging Summer Reading. In view of this the Ministry for Education and Employment has embarked on an intensive campaign: Aqra fis-Sajf to promote Summer Reading. This will be a collaborative campaign by the National Literacy Agency, the Foundation for Educational Services, Malta Libraries and the Directorates of Education.

In this regard access to books is crucial. Arrangements have been made for the extended library opening times of regional and school libraries. A wide range of reading activities for children and their parents will be held during the Skolasajf programme and in libraries through the Aqra Miegħi/Read with Me, Seħer l-Istejjer/The Magic of Stories and Reading Ambassadors Programmes of the National Literacy Agency.

The facts are as follows. Research shows that:

  • Students who read over the summer do better in school.
  • Students who do not read over the summer demonstrate up to two months of academic loss.
  • Students who read for fun outperform those who do not.
  • Students read more when they can choose their own books.
  • Reading at least 5 books over the summer can prevent academic loss.
  • Summer reading loss is cumulative. By the end of Primary, children who do not read over the summer are two years behind the other children in academic achievement.

Here are some guidelines for parents/caregivers:

  • Stress the importance of summer reading with your child.
  • Make reading exciting, do not think of it as a chore.
  • Follow a reading list.
  • Create a no TV or video game time during part of each day.
  • Join a summer reading programme at Skolasajf or at your local library.
  • Let your child choose his/her own books.
  • Keep a supply of reading materials around the house.
  • Go regularly to the library with children.
  • Ask your child questions about the books s/he is reading.
  • Read a book to your child.
  • Listen to your child read to you.
  • Pick a favourite author or series and read all the books.
  • Listen to books on CD, ipod, radio, tablet while travelling.
  • Model reading for your child.

Suggested Summer Reading Book Titles:

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Alka Ceramics project – Phase 2

Today Ms Haber and her team visited our school to continue the 2nd phase of the clay tiles being done to create a mural with the theme “Under the Sea”.


The students and their teachers had to paint their tiles using special paint. The tiles will be taken back for 2 more baking processes. We look forward to seeing the end results.


Teachers’ quote: “Our treasures”. We look forward to having these treasured displayed at school. Well done to all for making this project come true. Special thanks to the school council for funding this project 🙂

Disposing of batteries responsibly

SNC Mgarr Battery BinsAt school we work hard to promote environment awareness. Students are busy collected used batteries and disposing of them responsibly by making use of the special battery bins available at school.

Batteries contain very harmful chemicals which, if dispersed in the environment, cause a lot of damage. So if you have any used batteries bring them over to school and help us in keeping a cleaner, healthier environment.

Thank you 🙂


Alka Ceramics Project


The year 1  students have embarked on a creative project. This project is being funded through the school council. Every student was to prepare a clay tile. The students went to the Alka Ceramics work shop where they had the opportunity to see how a clay can be transformed into beautiful works of art by Ms Haber.

Following the tour, the students started their work. The theme chosen was “Under the Sea”. Every student was give a clay tile to work on and they had to create their own underwater scene.alka002

The tiles had to be baked in the special urn and work will be continued at a later date at school since the tiles have to be painted and then glazed and cooked again. The tiles will finally be mounted in the school corridors.alka003

Lego Wedo Robotics

Lego01The Year 6 students had a very interesting robotics workshop organised by the our eLearning support teacher, Ms Laura Schembri, together with the eLearning centre support team.


The students had the opportunity to build their own Lego robots. The robots were connected to a laptop and they had to be programmed to do particular movements.


With the help of this workshop the students had the opportunity to work in pairs or in groups, build their own robots by following a set of instructions and then work out a programme using the LEGO WEDO software.


One can tell from happy faces of the students that this was a very interesting workshop, where students had the opportunity to learn by doing.


Special thanks to the eLearning support team 🙂


Bowling… Bidding Farewell…

bowlingAll good things come to an end… Our year 6 students will soon be proceeding to middle school. Their journey at our school ends, but ahead of them is a long road which will hopefully lead them to reaching their goals and dreams. To bid our year 6 students farewell, the teachers took them for a bowling session where they had the time to relax and chill out with their friends after the benchmark exams.


On behalf of the staff at Mgarr Primary School we wish you all the best of luck for the future 🙂