Halloween Biscuits


The Kinder 1.1 students of Ms Joanne, together with Ms Angela, have been preparing delicious Halloween biscuits. Such activities lend themselves perfectly for students to enhance their fine motor skills. The students also had the opportunity to decorate their biscuits while having fun cooking with their classmates 🙂Biscuits02

Little Scientists at work…


The Year 5 students of Ms Miranda Cauchi prepared 2 experiments to share with their schoolmates during their special assembly. Every class is presenting experiments to students, as had been planned in the school development plan, with the aim of instilling a love towards science.


The students first showed students how to make a telephone by using plastic, cups, paper clips and a piece of string. Then they prepared a salt volcano with the aim of explaining that some substances are denser then others.

Click here for the details of the experiments: Experiments Explained

Pasta Day for the Community Chest Fund


The School Council organised a Pasta Day for our students. Children had a choice of pasta with white sauce or tuna and tomato sauce. The food was diligently prepared by Angela Portelli and Rose Schembri, parents on the School Council, together with the help of 3 other parents helpers.

The school would like to thank the parent helpers for ensuring the smooth running of this event and for the delicious pasta they prepared.

The school would also like to thank all the parents and students for the generous  sum of money collected which will be donated to the Community Chest Fund.

Young Entrepreneurs

“Entrepreneurship is an engine of job creation, innovation and economic growth.”


Our school is currently participating in a college based project, which is partly funded by the EU, to enhance our students’ entrepreneurship skills. The students had a session about “Our Community”. More sessions are to follow in the coming weeks



Students and teachers were awarded certificates for participating in this venture 🙂


Science Professional Development Session for Staff


Professional Staff Development is an important aspect of every school. Members of staff need to have their profession further developed, while learning new methodologies for teaching.Science02

Last Friday all the members of staff had a hands-on workshop about the Investigation Approach in Science. The teachers, Kindergarten Assistants, Learning Support Assistants and the Senior Management Team got their hands dirty while enjoying a very enriching experience. All members of staff had the opportunity to learn about the Research Cycle and how science surrounds us in our every day life.Science03

The session was animated by the Education Officer for Primary Science, Ms Pullicino, together with the help of two Science Peripatetic Teachers, Mr Buttigieg and Ms Polidano. This session allowed all members of staff to experiment, reflect and give feedback on the work being done.
Science04Special thanks goes to Ms Borg Vella for coordinating this sesion and for ensuring that all resources needed were available. Extended thanks go to Ms Maria Debono for helping out in the purchase of resources.


Break Dance and Hip Hop…

The Year 6.1 students prepared their first special assembly for this scholastic year. We were in for a great surprise since the students gave a fantastic show of hip hop and break dancing.


Students performed a very energetic and acrobatic dance showing their gymnastic and flexibility skills.


Well done for setting a very good example regarding the importance of exercise to all the students 🙂

Personal Hygiene


Cleanliness and personal hygiene are an important aspect of our lives. It is very important to teach our students, from a very early age, how to avoid the transfer of germs and how to keep our teeth clean.

Ms Joanne, taught her  K1.1 students how teeth should be properly brushed. Unless teeth are thoroughly brushed, teeth may easily decay, especially when consuming sweets, and acidic drinks.Cleanliness03

Finally the students made a collage of healthy teeth and decayed teeth.

Little chefs at work…


The Kinder 2 student of Ms Janice and Ms Maria, together with their LSA, Ms Marika, prepared a delicious pizza. While some students were cooking the others were cutting out coloured paper and made a pizza collage. All students had time to do their cooking and their own collage.


Such activities provide students with an opportunity to enhance their fine motor skills and to instil a love for cooking.

Celebration of mass…


Fr Kalcidon Vassallo celebrated mass for our students. The mass was organised by Ms Borg Vella, assistant head, and was animated by the students themselves. All members of staff helped in preparing the songs by rehearsing them in class. Photos courtesy of Ms Rodgers, assistant head.