Maths Shopping Activity

Shop02The Year 3.2 students of Ms Stephanie went for a Maths shopping activity in the locality of  Mgarr. During this activity the children had the opportunity to experience, first-hand, shopping groceries for a recipe they had to prepare at school. The children went to a grocery and to the bakery to buy ingredients for a healthy sandwich. They had to pay for the ingredients and make sure they were given the correct change. This activity helped children to learn more about bills, estimates, prices, change and euro coins.


Smoothies and Mince Pies…


The K1.2 students of Ms Josianne, together with their student teachers, Ms Fiona and Ms Danika, prepared some healthy smoothies made of bananas, strawberries and milk. To compliment their drink the students prepared delicious mince pies filled with apples and raisins. Well done to these little chefs 🙂Cooking02

Traffic lights…

trafiic lights

The kinder 2.1 students of Ms Janice Vella and the K2.3 students of Ms Marija Zammit had a very interesting session about traffic lights. The aim was to educate children on the significance of traffic lights, while learning colours through play. Children made their own traffic lights using sponges and melted jelly.

Fieldwork at Valletta

VallettaOn the 18th November, the year 6 children carried out a fieldwork at Valletta. They visited various historical places such as the Aubergue de Castille, the President’s Palace, St. John’s Cathedral, and many other interesting sites.  A short break followed in the Barrakka Gardens while admiring the beauty of the Grand Harbour. Through such fieldwork the children had the opportunity to appreciate Malta’ s cultural heritage first hand.

Little Scientists at work…

The year 4.1 students of Ms Angelique Attard prepared a special assembly for their schoolmates. During the assembly they demonstrated how electrostatic electricity can be produced by simply rubbing a balloon again a jersey. Students had a great time watching one of their classmates’ hair rising due to the electrostatic electricity that was produced.electricity

In another experiment the students demonstrated how a volcano erupts by making use of various material which when mixed together react to cause a volcanic eruption. Volcano

Green Club…

Green club

The Green Club, coordinated by Ms Rodgers, assistant head, have been busy preparing material to be displayed on the school noticeboard. The students made research and learnt that trees are the lungs of our planet earth. This information is now available for all students to enjoy and to learn from.

Dinja Waħda Awards 2014-2015

The school has been awarded the Gold Award for participating in Dinja Waħda projects. Since the school was awarded the Gold Award for 3 consecutive years, the school has also achieved the Blue Flag Award.

Dinja Wahda

Well done to all the students and teachers for giving their 100%. Special thanks goes to Ms Rodgers, Assistant Head in charge of Dinja Waħda projects, for coordinating the activities and for promoting environmental awareness among all stakeholders.

Sunny Fieldwork at Marsaxlokk


On Thursday 12th November 2015, our Year 5 pupils went to Marsaxlokk to carry out a Social Studies fieldwork exercise valid for their half-yearly exams. The weather was fantastic for this time of the year (thanks to St. Martin) which put a smile on everyone’s face. Marsaxlokk02

Friendly fishermen and street hawkers readily exchanged a few words with the children, and also complimented the latter on being very well behaved. Many tourists were also amused to see them diligently carrying out their tasks, and the kids repaid their attention with lots of waves and hellos. Marsaxlokk03

It was a truly enjoyable and instructive experience for the children, who were keen in showing their appreciation both during the outing as well as following our return to school. What a fun way to learn! Marsaxlokk04

Dr Micallef, Yr 5.1