Elezzjonijiet tal-Kunsill tal-Istudenti

electionFis-26 ta’ Jannar saru l-elezzjonijiet għall-Kunsill tal-istudenti fl-iskola tagħna.  L-istudenti eletti huma dawn:

Yr 3.1  – Alessandro Vella, Yr 3.2 – Kyle Pulis, Yr 4.1 – Emma Buttigieg, Yr 4.2 – Sara Vella, Yr 5.1 – Milena Stagno, Yr 5.2 – Sarah Abela, Yr 6.1 – Gabriella Grima u Yr 6.2 – Joseph Muscat

Nirringrazzjaw lill-istudenti kollha li ħadu sehem fl-elezzjoni u nawguraw li dan il-kunsill jaħdem biex l-iskola tkun post aħjar.   Nirringrazzjaw l-għalliema tal-PCSD li ħadu hħieb dawn l-elezzjonijiet.

Fun with aeroplanes…


The Kindergarten students of Ms Joanne have been busy learning about colours by making their own planes using various techniques. Kite paper was glued to the outline of the body of the aeroplane. Hand prints were used to make the wings. Through such activities students enhance their fine motor skills, while learning through play.

Student Council Elections…


Almost all nominees have presented their manifesto at school assemblies.  The election will take place next Tuesday where in the pupils will be voting for their fellow students who they would like to represent them in the school council.  Student council election reinforces the democratic voting process that the children will see when they grow up and nominees were given the chance to state reasons why they should be voted for.

Using our streets wisely…


The Kinder 1 students of Ms Joanne, together with Ms Angela, have been learning about road safety. The students made their own traffic lights and learnt about the meaning of the different colours.

The children were asked to walk on a zebra crossing when the right light came on.  Children were reinforces topic of colour and road safety during this activity.

Pyjama and Cereal Day


The School Council organised a Pyjama and Cereal Day for the students at our school. The main aim was to remember all those children who are sick in hospital undergoing treatment. Moreover, this was an opportunity to promote choosing a healthy breakfast by opting for healthy cereals and white milk.

The school would like to thank all the parent helpers who made this yet another successful event 🙂