Making music with water…


The year 1.2 students of Ms Louise Cutajar, had a very interesting science lesson. First the children had time to explore different ways how to make sound using a pencil and an empty plastic cup. Then they filled a few of the cups with different amounts of water in each. They tapped the cups with a pencil and observed the sound. Each of the cups had a different tone. The children enjoyed creating different tunes to create their own music.

Rainbow in a Jar…

During an art lesson year 5.2 students did a rainbow salt jar project with the class teacher. Students brought an empty glass jar from home , a packet of salt and coloured chalk (pastel colours).


The teacher gave each pupil a piece of rough paper where students poured some salt on it and then they rubbed the chalk back and forth across the salt to give it the desired colour. Carefully children started pouring the layer of coloured salt into the jar.  They repeated this process, pouring layers at angles and around the jar to get interesting strata.  They repeated until the jar was completely full.  At the end children made sure not to shake the rainbow salt jar as this would mix the layers up.


Students loved the process of making it, the way the colours looked next to each other and how the layers undulated in the jar.  Indeed some of them did other rainbow salt jars at home.


We put theses rainbow jars on the classroom’s window sills to decorate the class.

Submitted by Ms Miranda Cauchi, Yr 5.2 teacher

Fieldwork at Birgu…

Birgu01On 19th February year 5 students had the opportunity to visit the historical city of Birgu. In doing so students could understand better an essential part of the topic entitled ‘L-Ibliet il-Qodma Maltin’ from the Social Studies Curriculum.  Indeed by roaming around this magnificent city  they  understood better the significant importance of Birgu in the past and nowadays.
Birgu02 Whilst visiting the Maritime Museum and the Inquisitor’s Palace students were very attentive and asked a lot of questions. In particular they liked the torture room and the prison cell best (at the Inquisitor’s Palace)!!

When we were arrived at the main square students were invited to visit a church run museum. There, a volunteer showed them the sword and hat which  Grand Master Jean de Valette used while fighting against the Turks.  Students also saw the altar where De Valette supposedly  used to pray before the Great Siege of 1565.

Birgu04As a success criteria students were asked to write a short paragraph about the outing and draw a picture.

It was indeed a fun educational outing!

Sbumitted by Ms Miranda Cauchi, Yr 5.2 teacher.

Green Club at work…

Green club

Students are exposed to a holistic education programme at school. Nothing beats placing seeds in a pot and watching them grow after providing them with an appropriate environment and caring for them. Ms Rodgers, assistant head in charge of the Green Club, enhances a love for nature among students in a very practical manner, while students learn about how nature works wonders with a tiny seed.

New Books for Class Libaries… Aqra Kemm Tiflaħ

The school has been donated a substantial amount of books to be added to the Yr 1, 2 and 3 class libraries. These books have been donated courtesy of Literacy Agency of Malta co-funded by EU.


A thorough exercise has provided the students with levelled readers which can be taken home. Every book has a worksheet which can be filled in by the students when reading the book. The purpose of the sheet is for self-assessment is not meant to be corrected by the teachers. The aim of the introduction of these books is to promote a culture of reading for fun.

booksEnjoy reading your new books and make the best use of this fantastic resource.

Luxol Grounds


The school promotes a healthy lifestye thus the year 6 students visited the Luxol football ground for an intensive training session. During break time the children had the opportunity to use the facilities at the Luxol Stadium, where a small playground was also available for the students to play in. It is evident that the students, teachers and LSAs had a great time while learning to be more active 🙂

Show and Tell…

DogDuring a Show and Tell session held once a week during which a student is considered to be the Star of the Week, Alessia, brought her pet dog to school and demonstrated to her classmates how to groom and take care of a pet. The students enjoyed this session and had quite some entertainment provided by their four-legged friend 🙂


Creative Writing…


The Year 4.2 students of Ms Claudine during a creative writing task. The students where asked to draw a picture to help them describe their friend. After a brainstorming session the students came up with phrases and adjectives to elaborate their writing. Finally they were free to write their own descriptions.