Month: April 2016

High 5 – Junior Mathematicians Challenge

The High 5 – Junior Mathematicians Challenge targeted gifted and talented primary students who were in Years 5 and 6 during scholastic year 2015 – 2016 in both state and non-state primary schools. “The aim of this challenges was to give further opportunity to gifted and talented primary students to hone their talents through practice with […]

Special Assembly

The Year 5.2 students prepared a special assembly for their school mates. The students performed a dance, while passing on an important message to peers about showing kindness towards each other.

Cooking and Writing combined…

Last Wednesday the year 5.2 students of Ms Miranda and Ms Doreen, started the day by making their own special pizza. As one can see from the photos, students were creative enough their make faces with their pizza toppings. Children practice fractions when they cut their pizza into equal parts. Together, as a team, they […]

Health Factor Project…

Educating students from a young age about living a healthy life and learning to make the right choices when eating and drinking are imperative. Here are more photos of students from kindergarten during the two week period covering the promotion of healthy eating and a healthy living. This project was launched on a national scale.

Science Special Assembly

The year 6.1 students of Mr Cassar prepared an interesting special assembly about the lunar faces and what makes the moon shine. The students had previously done an experiment in class to understand better why the moon is not always seen as a full moon.

LEGO Story Starters…

Recently, all state schools have been equipped with a number of resources to enhance innovation and creativity. Among these resources schools were given story starter packs. We all love playing with LEGO, so what better way than to start a creative writing session by creating your own scene using various characters in a set up […]

Dinja Waħda…

The year 6.2 students during one of the activities related to Dinja Waħda projects. Apart from working together in small groups, students learn to appreciate the importance of taking care of the earth and all the creatures that live in the wild life.

Health Factor Project

As announced earlier, the kindergarten students are participating in the Health Factor Project. Apart from learning about healthy eating the students had the opportunity to do some fruit printing.