Month: April 2016

Fonzu l-Fenek…

Fonzu l-Fenek ġie jżur lit-tfal tal-kinder. Fonzu huwa fenek li jħobb jiekol il-ħaxix u għalhekk ġie jwassal messaġġ lil dan iċ-ċkejknin biex jagħżlu li jieklu ikel bnin u tajjeb għas-saħħa.

Health Factor Project

The kindergarten students are buzzing with energy. This week the students are participating in the Health factor project which helps students to become aware of a healthy lifestyle. In the above photos students can be seen doing exercise, learning about dental hygiene and “pretend play” to capture these moments.

Festa Frawli 2016

The school would like to thank the parent helpers for having prepared a stand for fund raising during Festa Frawli. The funds raised will be used to purchase more resources for class libraries. Special thanks goes to the Local Council for having sponsored the school with more than 100 buns free of charge.  

Health Factor Project

Promoting a healthy lifestyle from a very young age… Kinder 1 students of Ms Josianne learning about the importance of consumption of fruit and vegetables. Students made their own healthy sandwich… Finally students went outside for some exercise which is a major constituent of a healthy lifestyle 🙂

Catch the Drop Campaign…

The Year 2 and Year 3 students had a talk about “Catch the Drop Campaign”. The aim of the talk is to make students aware about the importance of saving water and preventing unnecessary wastage e.g. by turning off the tap while brushing teeth, by ensuring that taps do no drip water when closed, by […]

Health Factor Project

  The Kindergarten classes, together with a number of other schools, have embarked on a Health Factor Project which promotes healthy lifestyle and is related to the Education for All document. “The project is designed to assist Kindergarten Assistants with teaching their pupils the importance of healthy eating and physical activity so they are encouraged to […]

The Band of the Armed Forces of Malta visits Mgarr Primary

The band of the Armed Forces of Malta visited our school to promote various musical instruments. Students learnt about the different families, namely brass, wind and percussion instruments. The first session, dedicated to the younger students, was based on the story of Peter and Wolf accompanied by various instruments. Introduction to various instruments followed for […]

Maths – Science Day…

A Maths-Science Day was organised at school with the aim of giving parents a first hand experience of teaching and learning at our school. This was an opportunity for parents and students to work together in a number of workshops. Above are the K1.1 students of Ms Joanne who had an interesting session about space. […]

Casting a shadow…

Shadows follow us, haunt us, amaze us, entertain us… But how do they form? The Year 1.1 students prepared a great show for their school mates during a special assembly. Moreover they taught their audiences how shadows can be cast and what causes a shadow to appear.

Little Scientists at work…

The Year 1.2 students of Ms Louise having a go at yet another experiment in front of their school mates during a special assembly. During this experiment students demonstrated a very efficient way of cleaning coins!