An Artistic Robot at Work…


The year 4.1 students of Ms. Angelique have built a robot to create art. The children worked in groups and as a team they built a robot with the materials provided. When it was finished they put their robot on a cardboard paper and connected the wires to the motor. The robot started moving  in an unpredictable manner and hence creating art.

Star of the Week


During the star of the week children are asked to bring something to class and talk about it. This provides the students with an opportunity to enhance their public speaking skills while talking about something which is of great interest for them.

Submitted by Ms Angelique, Yr 4.1

Sports Day

sportsSport Promotion Unit (SPU) in collaboration with Malta Amateur Athletics Association (MAAA) organised a Kids Athletics Festival at Marsa Sports Grounds. The children have participated in 11 games including an endurance race.

Submitted by Ms Angelique, Yr 4.1 teacher

Shared Reading


Ms Anabelle Azzopardi, Literacy Support Teacher, held four shared reading sessions iwith the Year 4.1 students. During the last session the children were divided into groups. They were given some objects. They had to come up with an idea of an alien costume using these objects. First they had to draw, then they had to write the instructions. Finally, they had to dress one of their teammates the alien costume.

Compound Words…


During an English grammar lesson children were divided into groups of 4. As a team first they had to find two words among the cards which make a new word. Then they had to write down the compounds words. Finally, all the groups had to come out and share with their classmates their compound words and how they were formed. compound02Submitted by Ms Angelique, Yr 4.1 teacher


Picnic at school


The lovely weather on the island of Malta offers the ideal scenario for a picnic. The Kinder 1.1 and 1.2 students of Ms Joanne and Ms Josianne joined forces for a fun packed picnic in the school yard. An umbrella was hitched, sun hats worn and towels were spread for students and teachers to have a great time eating healthy fruit and drinking plenty of water while relaxing in the school yard 🙂picnic02