Month: June 2016

Farewell to the School Council Members

The school would like to thank the School Council members for their hard work and dedication. The School Council members perform a lot of work behind the scenes. The school stands as it is today due to the commitment and collaboration between members of staff and parents.

Ice Cream Day

The scholastic year is coming close to an end and summer is round the corner. What better way to end the year with an ice cream day allowing our students some time to wind down before their annual exams. Thanks to the parents helpers for assisting in this event.

Celebration of the First Holy Communion

The Year 2 students celebrated the commemoration of their First Holy Communion. Special thanks go to Ms Janice Vella Muscat who organised this impeccable event together with the held of Ms Charmaine, Ms Anna and Ms Borg Vella.  

Dinja Waħda projects

The Year 3 students of Ms Rosette playing the Wader game. This is another Dinja Waħda activity which promotes caring and protecting the wildlife.

Kindergarten students singing their heart out…

The kinder 1 students are featured singing a song written by Ms Joanne Galea. The song speaks of the wonderful journey our students enjoy at our school, while learning through play and meeting other friends.

Sea Chains…

The Kinder 1 students of Ms Josianne learning about sea chains. Underwater creatures depend on a clean environment. Marine pollution is having a bad impact on the life of these underwater creatures causing an imbalance in the food chain.