Month: October 2016

Young chefs at work

The Kindergarten students of Ms Josianne and Ms Joanne prepared a delicious desert. First the students had to crush biscuits which were placed in cups. Then they added a layer of condensed milk and some chopped bananas. Pistacchio mousse served as a topping.

Special Assembly by Year 6 Students

The Yr 6.2 students of Ms Raisa animated the school’ special assembly by kick starting the day with a dance, while promoting the importance of daily physical exercise.  

Kindergarten Students at the Manoel Theatre

The Kindergarten students had the opportunity to visit the Manoel Theatre for a hands-on sessions at Flamenco. All students and members of staff had a great time at this Toi Toi event.    

Common and Proper Nouns

To revise the topic Common and Proper Nouns, Ms Miranda, class teacher of Yr 3.2, divided the class in four groups.  Each group was given 2 large mats: one for common nouns and another for proper nouns.  A set of flashcards was also given to each group.  The pupils had to sort these flashcards using the […]

Money, money, money…

During a maths lesson the Yr 3.2 students of Ms Miranda were divided In groups. Each group was given a number of coins ranging from 50c to 1c.   The groups had to imagine that they were going to buy a particular object assigned to them.  Students had to use different coins to make the same […]

Adjectives… Describing words

During an English grammar lesson children were divided into groups of four. As a team they had to come up with different adjectives that best describe the picture. Then they had to write down the adjectives. Afterwards children played the flash card game. Here children had to join the best adjective with each noun and […]

Odd and Even

The Yr 3.2 students of Ms Miranda were given a set of playing cards per group.  Children had to sort the playing cards in two sets: multiples of 2 and the other remaining cards.  Students gave different explanations about the sorted sets.  One group stated that the multiples of 2 are even numbers so the other […]

Learning Maltese – Xemxin u Qamrin

The yr 3.1 students of Ms Sharon during group work held in class. During the Maltese lesson students talked about konsonanti qamrin u xemxin. The children were divided in groups. Each group was given a task card with a set of instructions on them. Namely, they had to read the list of words given (each […]

School outing at Birgu…

On Friday 7th October, the year 4 classes together with the year 5 and year 6 classes went to the Historical village of Vittoriosa, better known as Birgu. They toured the characteristic narrow streets and identified a number of historical buildings and monuments. They also visited the Inquisitor’s Palace and the parish church dedicated to […]

L-Istrina 2016

The school has received the Piggy Bank’s for L-Istrina 2016 campaign. Any students who wish to give a donation may do so by placing the money in the Piggy Banks which shall be distributed in the classrooms in the coming days.