Music Workshop by Local Band – Tribali

tribali02Last Friday Ms Borg Vella, assistant head, organised a music workshop for the students in liaison with a Local Band – Tribali. Peter Paul met our request and performed a number of hands-on work shops for the primary students.

tribali01Students were asked to prepare homemade instruments, namely a bongo or shaker, using recycled material. Students were also asked to make a donation to help students in the Philippines living in a very deprived area. The Father in charge of these students is currently trying to build an orchestra and to give these students lessons, rather than have them roaming in the streets and ending in a very unfortunate situation. A sum of €150 was donated at the end of the workshop.

Below is a short video clip of the various workshops held. Well done to all the students for actively participating and for generously donating money to less fortunate children.

Green MT… Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

recycleThe school is always working hard to promote the importance of taking care of the environment. It is evident that in Malta we still need to work harder to take care of our trash and to ensure that we make better use of the 3 Rs i.e. reduce, reuse and recycle. Representatives from Green MT, together with their mascot Ċikka, held workshops for the primary students. During these workshops students were given a brief explanation of how waste material should be separated and recycled. At the end of the session the students and teachers had fun dancing to the song below performing to Kristina Casolani’s Reduce Reuse Recycle, the song below.


The Snake Game… An initiative to promote walking to school


The school is participating in the Traffic Snake Game. Basically this activity involves the monitoring of modes of transport used by students to arrive to school. The aim, of course, is to promote the use of sustainable options especially walking or cycling (where possible) to school.

You may click on the link below for more details:

Shared Reading

sharedReading is essential for every child’s education. Students love stories, especially when they are read to them. The Literacy Support Teacher, Ms Annabelle Azzopardi, is currently doing class demo lessons to enhance the use of Shared Reading in the daily teaching and learning process. This is a school initiative based on the school’s action plan for the improvement of literacy.


Maths… solid shapes

mathsThe Yr 1.1 students of Ms Louise have been learning about the properties of solid shapes. During today’s lesson they had to sort between cubes and cuboids. Students made use of Bee-Bot to sort shapes and later worked in pairs to sort objects according to whether the shape was a cube or a cuboid. The classroom was bustling with learning and students really had a great time.