Month: November 2016

Exploring 3-D Shapes – The Cube

The Yr 1.2 students of Ms Marilyn had an interesting lesson during which they learned about 3D shapes, focusing on the cube. The lesson was introduced by revise the characteristics of a square. Then the teacher told the students the story of 6 squares who joined together to form a cube. Students had various activities […]

Maths Tables…

To rehearse the table of two, Ms Miranda, Yr 3.2 teacher, divided the class in four groups.  Each group was given a template of a house.  The groups had to work out the given multiplications and write them down on the paper.  After, members from each group, had to select the correct coloured roof, chimney, windows and door for their […]


The year 4.2 students of Ms Mathea have learnt about halves, quarters, thirds and eights. After sharing the learning outcomes and the success criteria, students had a PowerPoint presentation where they had to identify which shapes are divided into equal parts, and the fraction of each part being shaded. During group work the students had […]

World Children’s Day

The Year 5.1 students, under the direction of their teacher Dr Simone Micallef, have prepared a special assembly dedicated to all the children of the world since 20th November 2016 we shall be celebrating World Children’s Day. During the assembly students showed a presentation about children’s rights and duties to their schoolmates. A banner, courtesy […]

WEEE – Collection of Electronic Waste…

  WEEE Trolley – Collection Points WEEE Malta is an authorized National Compliance Scheme that manages the collection, recovery and recycling of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment on behalf of EEE producers/importers.   In order to increase the proper disposal of WEEE, WEEE Malta will on the 15th of November launch the WEEE Trolleys – […]


The Yr 3.1 students of Ms Sharon have been learning “opposites”. After sharing the learning intention with the children and coming up with the success criteria together, the students worked in groups on 4 different activities involving opposites.  After a specified time, the teacher clapped twice and there was a rotation of activities so that […]

Learning Maths through Play…

The Yr 2.2 students of Ms Stephanie have been learning about ordering numbers and finding the number that falls in between. In the above activities students had to sort flowers according to number order, place numbers on a ladder in order, hang numbers on a “washing line” in order, and build towers using blocks and […]

The feast of St Martin

As per tradition, students are given a goody bag on the feast of St. Martin to remember the acts of kindness and generosity of this saint. The priest blessed these good bags which were later distributed to all classes. Special thanks to the school council and parent helpers for helping in the preparation of these […]

Special Assembly

The Yr 5.2 students of Ms Melanie prepared a special assembly. Being the feast of St Martin, and as tradition wants it, students are usually given a good bag on this day. During this special assembly the students sang a song and filled a bucketful of flashcards with words such as friends, smile, kindness, sharing, helping, […]

Celebrating Diversity

All students are special in their own way. Inclusion allows for diversity and for students to learn to appreciate the beautiful rainbow our world is made of. These photos are a celebration of diversity and inclusion… All children love carnival. Inspire provides a sensory playroom… Given the correct resources, all students can learn. Dedicated Learning […]