Month: November 2016

Monster Bottle… Kitba ta’ istruzzjonijiet

The Yr 6.2 students of Mr Matthew are currently working on a twinning project the St Nicholas College, Dingli Primary. Below are instructions written by the students to make a monster bottle. Click here to view the students’ work: Monster Bottle  

Learning shapes

  The Yr 3.2 students of Ms Miranda had a very interesting lesson about flat shapes. First, students had a presentation where they had to try and guess the name of the flat shape that was partially hidden. Then students discussed the properties of the various shapes. Finally they had group work which involved creating […]

Fruit Salad

The Kindergarten students of Ms Camille have been busy preparing a very healthy and colourful fruit salad. Fostering a healthy policy means that children learn by doing and not just by speaking about healthy eating. Hope you enjoyed your salad!!!  

Length Activities…

The Yr 3.1 students of Ms Sharon learnt about length and the different units used for measurement. They learnt how to estimate lengths of objects as well as decided which unit would be most suitable to best measure a given object. Finally the students learnt how to measure and draw lines using a cm ruler. […]