Celebration Day 2016 – Respect for All

This year we are celebrating diversity. We live in a strange, but beautiful world… Full of hardships, yet full of satisfaction… Full of fear, yet full of hope… Surrounded by war… yet full of love…

We live in a world full of diversity which brings along many challenges.  We have students who struggle at school academically, students who are not accepted because they are “different”, students who face language barriers, students of different cultures, ethnicity, religious beliefs, etc. It is very easy to forget the hardships these students face daily, in silence.

However, because we work as a team, we work hard to promote respect and diversity. Well done to all the members of staff and students for the fantastic performance and for spreading a message of “Respect for All”

Secret Santa

As a class, we decided to make a Secret Santa activity. Each student is given a name of another student in class. However, nobody knows what name the others have been given. The students have to act like Santa Claus by giving this mystery person something small as a surprise. A limit on the amount to be spent was established (not exceeding €3). The aim of the activity is to appreciate small gifts and to emphasize that it is the thought that matters. By doing so we would also be spreading friendship and love – linking it to Religion by emphasizing the true meaning of Christmas. The students wanted the class teacher to participate as well 🙂

Now we’ll find out who our Secret Santa is during the Christmas Party on Thursday!

Submitted by Mr Matthew Cassar, Yr 6.2 teacher

Novena for Christmas

The students are enacting scenes from the Christmas Nativity in preparation for Christmas. Above one can see the Yr 2.2 students of Ms Stephanie Azzopardi and below those of Ms Janice Vella Muscat.

Below are the Yr 1.2 students of Ms Marilyn. During these special assemblies children sing Christmas Carols and relate various part of the nativity. 

Below are the Yr 1.1 students of Ms Louise during their Novena. The students explained the importance and significance of the star.

Below are the year 6.2 and year 6.1 student of Mr Cassar and Ms Raisa during their Novena.

On behalf of all the students and staff we wish you a very Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year.