Month: December 2016

Scented Christmas Trees

The K1.2 students of Ms Josianne made Christmas trees by sticking green kite paper to a toilet roll. Some yellow and red kite paper was added for the Christmas ornaments. Finally they sprinkled some ground cinnamon, mixed spice, whole cloves and vanilla to produce scented Christmas trees.  

Learning about colours

The Kinder 1.4 students of Ms Lucienne Vella, have had a very busy first term at school learning about colours. The Kindergarten assistant introduced the topic by the much loved rainbow. Gradually students learnt about red, green, yellow and blue. As a final activity students learnt about what happens to colours when mixed using marble […]

Run up towards Christmas

The students are now preparing for Christmas. it is a school tradition to prepare special assemblies. At this time of the year a number of classes are involved in preparation of the Christmas Novena. Through the Christmas novena students re-enact the story of the nativity, each day focusing on a particular character, The role of […]