Year: 2017

Christmas Party Celebrations

Today marked the end of the first term for this scholastic year. Students had a party to celebrate this event. Mr Alfred Mifsud animated the show with a number of various tricks accompanied by his dove and pet rabbit. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all 🙂

Fun at the Playmobil Playing Park

The K2.1 students of Ms Lucienne had a blast at the playmobil fun park. They were spoilt for choice for toys and had the opportunity to play freely in a fun environment.

Seħer l-Istejjer… The Magic of Stories

The Kindergarten students have had a number of story telling sessions animated by Ms Patricia Gatt from the National Literacy Agency. Parents were invited for these sessions. The sessions where held in English. Above students can be seen actively participating in the Story Keith with the Magic Hat.  Below students role played various characters during the […]

Sun Flower Farm

The K2.1 students visited the Sun Flower Farm where they had to opportunity to ride ponies, go for a ride on a horse drawn carriage, while learning about taking good care of ponies and horses and the work involved in grooming them and feeding them.

Celebration Day

Celebrating another scholastic year at St Nicholas College, Mgarr Primary School!

Christmas Mass

Students walked from school to the Parish Church to celebrate mass in preparation for Christmas. The Holy Eucharist was celebrated by Dun George.  It was a great pleasure to have parents joining us  during this celebration. Food collected during the advent calendar was presented to the Parish Church. 

Art Lessons…

Students worked together with the art teacher, Mr Adrian Scicluna, to prepare the backdrop used for Celebration Day.  The backdrop required a number of weeks to be finalised, however the end product was really appreciated by all.

Theatre in Education

The Year 4.1 class attended an activity organised by the Drama Unit in Birgu, a play about Little Red Riding Hood. After the play, they were invited to workshops at the Maritime Museum. Submitted by Ms Angelique Attard, Class Teacher


The Year 4.1 class went to Żigużajg in Valletta where they watched a play called The Pianist. After the play, they went to have their lunch at the Upper Barrakka to enjoy the nice scenery. Submitted by Ms Angelique Attard, Class Teacher


During a Maltese writing lesson, the children were put in groups to create a slogan for new careers. They had to colour and finally share their slogans with their classmates. Submitted by Ms Angelique Attard, Yr 4.1 Teacher