Special Assembly

The Year 5.1 students of Dr Simone Micallef prepared a special assembly for their schoolmates. The assembly was very well prepared and interesting information was passed on to students in the form of a presentation. All year 5.1 students were involved in the preparation and delivery of this special assembly. Such events help to build the students’ self esteem.

Growing a Vegetable Garden

The Kinder 1.1 students of Ms Joanne Galea, embarked on a very interesting project to promote healthy eating, while learning about growing of crops. These little gardeners have started a vegetable garden on the school premises. The students sowed potatoes, carrots and peas. 

The students shall be watering the seeds and roots while keeping a close eye on their project to ensure that their crops grow. Not only did the students have to plant the seeds/roots, but they will also be learning what it entails to harvest crops and the care that needs to be taken with crops.

We look forward to have a vegetable soup made from crops grown in the school garden 🙂


Learning about Weight

The Yr 3.1 students started talking about weight this week. The students learned about heavy and light things. They estimated weights of objects and chose which objects were heavier or lighter than others. They also used a balance to learn which object is heavier or lighter than the other as well as how to balance them. 

Weights were used to understand how heavy or light something is. Each student held each weight so as to feel the actual weight and compare it with other heavier or lighter weights. The students were particularly intrigued by the 1 Kg weight, especially when they found out that it is equivalent to 1000g. This was later compared it to a 1 Kg packet of spaghetti!

Submitted by Ms Sharon Calleja, Class Teacher

Jam Sandwich

In one of the Writing lessons the yr 3.1 students talked about instructions. The children learned what instructions are, what they are used for and where one can encounter them in everyday life.  They also learned about sequencer words such as first, next, then, etc., as well as imperative verbs. 

Students then focused on how to make a jam sandwich. The students participated in different leveled writing activities, varying from ordering a set of instructions, drawing pictures according to the given instructions, matching an instruction to a given picture, as well as writing the instructions themselves. 

To make this activity more meaningful, the students decided to actually make the sandwiches in class. The students got the necessary ingredients and made a sandwich with their preferred spread. Finally, they all enjoyed eating their creations!

Submitted by Ms Sharon Calleja, Class Teachers

Healthy Snack

The year 3.2 students made a Banana Swiss Roll during the week.  Students had so much fun doing this healthy snack. Indeed some of the pupils wrote down the instructions on how to make this snack at home.  They showed that   they had understood the English creative writing lesson – How to make a Jam Sandwich done during the week as they numbered their instructions, used sequencer words, bossy verbs and some even drew accompanying pictures.

















Submitted by Ms Miranda Cauchi, Yr 3.2 Class teacher

Learning Doubles


The year 3.2 students were divided in groups and given interlocking cubes to make doubles of numbers from one to twelve.  Then, they had to write the answers on their mini whiteboards. By using the cubes all students had the same opportunity to learn.  When doing this activity pupils came to the conclusion that double is the same as when you multiply a number by two. 

To rehearse what the students had learned during the previous lesson they played the Slides and Ladders game. First, they rolled a die and using a marker moved that many spaces.  When they reached their box they had to work their sum (doubles).  Their peers had to check if they’re correct, if not they had to move back.  Students enjoyed going up the ladder but not going down the slide!! 


Submitted by Ms Miranda Cauchi, Yr 3.2 Class Teacher