Day: January 22, 2017

Adjectives online game

Since we talked about adjectives in our Language lesson, the students played an interesting online game. They were given a picture and a set of sentences. Their task was to choose the sentence that best described the each picture. Submitted by Ms Sharon Calleja, Yr 3.1 Teacher

Puzzle – Deciphering a Code

This week the students encountered a different type of puzzle during their fluency lesson. They had several numbers written on a card and they had to decipher what it said. In groups, they discussed what the numbers could mean. They thought they could be letters from the alphabet so they tried to decipher the secret […]

Reading online stories

  These photos show the Yr 3.1 students during one of our reading sessions. The students chose different ebooks according to their likings. Then, they read them and they enjoyed it so much! Submitted by Ms Sharon Calleja, Yr 3.1 Teacher