Month: March 2017

World Commonwealth Day

Today is World Commonwealth Day. Four students, together with Ms Borg Vella, assistant head, visited Valletta to participate in an event to promote peace. These students represented our College and also shared their messages of peace after a walk through the streets of Valletta accompanied by the Minister for Foreign Affairs. Click here and here for […]

Exploring Birgu

The Yr 5.2 students of Ms Melanie Sultana visited Birgu to learn more about this city. The students walked along the streets and the fortifications, while learning about historical and geographical facts.

Special Assembly sending a message of Kindness

The Yr 4.2 students prepared a special assembly. The message they wished to impart for each and everyone to do an act of kindness daily. It does not take much effort to do an act of kindness, but the results will be great.

Spazju Kreattiv – Creative

The Year 1 students joined forces at St James Cavalier to enhance their creativity during an outing held last week in the Capital City of Valletta. Moreover, the students had the opportunity to work together as a team.

Il-Kwalitajiet Tagħna…

L-għan tal-lezzjoni tar-Reliġjon kien li t-tfal jirrealizzaw li kulħadd huwa magħmul differenti minn xulxin iżda kulħadd għandu l-kwalitajiet sbieħ tiegħu. Matul din il-lezzjoni it-tfal  semgħu kanzunetta dwar is-suġġett li konna qed nitkellmu dwaru u kellhom ħin sabiex jiddiskutu xi punti. Wara intuża t-tablet biex it-tfal jieħdu stessu (ritratt tagħhom infushom) u wara li jagħrfu l-kwalitajiet […]

Commonwealth Day – 13th March

 Monday 13th March marks World Commonwealth Day. Students have prepared a number of message to spread peace among the world. These messages have been displayed on notice boards together with the Commonwealth Flag. Some of the students’ messages for peace shall be read during assembly to join in the event  ‘Malta Messengers for Peace’ in […]

Learning by doing…

The Yr 2.2 students of Ms Stephanie are always very busy. Their lessons involve many hands-on activities which allow the students time to learn, think and relearn. In the above photos students had to build cubes using lollipop sticks. They also had a go a investigating counting in tens and how to make a cloud […]

The Moon…

The K1.1 students of Ms Joanne have been learning about the sun and the moon during the past days. Students learnt how the moon lights up when the suns rays reflect upon it. The children also learnt that the moon’s surface is not smooth and made their own “moons” using air dry clay.

The Use of Tablets in Year 4

A meeting was held for parents of students in Year 4 regarding the use of tablets. The session was delivered by our eLearning Support Teacher, Ms Laura Schembri. The aim of this session was to inform parents about how tablets are used as a tool to enhance teaching and learning. It also provided parents with […]

Visiting our Local Heroes at the Fire Station

The Kindergarten students had a very positive experience at the Fire Station. The students met the fire fighters who, on a daily basis, help out the locals in moments of distress. Apart from getting to know what the job of a fire fighter entails, the students had the opportunity to ride on the fire truck, […]