Month: May 2017

The National Aquarium

The year 2 students visited the national aquarium to learn more about different species of fish that live in fresh and salty water. The students had a close encounter with a very friendly shark. They also had hands-on workshops following this visit.

Staff Members participate in a good cause… Dr. Klown for Puttinu Cares

MODELLE INTERNATIONAL LICENCE HOLDERS OF MISS WORLD MALTA A Welcome Address by Dr Klown Red noses, wide smiles, big laughs, musical sounds and colourful lab coats. All these mean only one thing; Klown Doctors are on their way! Dr Buttons, Dr Big, Dr Funny, Dr Happy and Dr Klown are only but a few of […]

Dinja Waħda

The Yr 6.1 students of Ms Raisa worked on a Dinja Waħda project. During this activity the students did some research on line to find more facts about the Swallow Tail, a butterfly which is becoming a rare view in Malta due to the damage being done to the environment.

Charge your body with a healthy breakfast

Starting the day with a healthy breakfast is a must. What you have for breakfast will act as fuel for the body. Breakfast should not be skipped. Eating healthy snacks frequently during the day helps to boost your energy levels. The rest must be accompanied by drinking plenty of water and exercise.   The K2.1 students […]

Spaghetti painting

The Kindergarten students of Ms Josianne Camilleri have been learning about Food and Drink. To enhance their fine motor skills, students had a spaghetti painting sessions. 

Luxol Grounds

The kindergarten  students spent a fantastic day at Luxol grounds playing football and learning new skills.    These sessions were very well organised and the coaches were very well prepared. 

Learning about Capacity

The The Yr 2.2. students of Ms Stephanie measuring the capacity of different containers using the same measure, in this case a yoghurt cup. The students enjoyed playing with water, while familiarising themselves with capacity and its meaning.

Assembly for Kindergarten

Starting the morning on a positive note with our young students in Kindergarten. A very good warm up to kick off the day full of fun packed activities.

Ktieb is-Sħarijiet

The children in Year 4.1 read a story on Senduq Buffuri ‘Il-Ktieb tas-sħarijiet’ and after they created a book during the craft lesson. Submitted by Ms Angelique Attard, Yr 4.1