The National Aquarium

The year 2 students visited the national aquarium to learn more about different species of fish that live in fresh and salty water. The students had a close encounter with a very friendly shark. They also had hands-on workshops following this visit.

Staff Members participate in a good cause… Dr. Klown for Puttinu Cares


A Welcome Address by Dr Klown

Red noses, wide smiles, big laughs, musical sounds and colourful lab coats. All these mean only one thing; Klown Doctors are on their way! Dr Buttons, Dr Big, Dr Funny, Dr Happy and Dr Klown are only but a few of a troupe of twenty six Klown Doctors who treat children at Mater Dei Hospital with a medicine of a different kind – the medicine of laughter. It really is incredible how powerful this kind of medicine can be during the difficult times that life can bring with it!

When Klown Doctors enter the hospital wards, it is almost impossible for anyone to keep a straight face on. If not laughter then it’s a smile, and if not a smile then it’s a sparkle in the eyes or even a slight nod or gesture. Whatever it is, these are all special moments that Klown Doctors get to share with sick children, their families and even the staff at Mater Dei Hospital. Everyone deserves a moment of fantasy during which we can forget the severities of life and enjoy the beauty of humour; and Klown Doctors make sure to make this happen by being the clowns they really are!

It was back in 2010 when a common vision of a group of people came to life with the creation of the now widely known Dr Klown organisation here in Malta. With a rigorous training programme set out by a team of artistic and psychological professionals, aspiring Klown Doctors saw themselves entering the paediatric wards of Mater Dei Hospital after having completed a full year of continuous training. But for a Klown Doctor there really is no end date to learning and training. Every child, every circumstance and every challenge is in itself a teacher to the Klown Doctors.

To say the least, Dr Klown really is unique for its uniqueness lies in the passion, skill, efforts and time that all our volunteers give from deep within. All this makes it possible to ease children’s stay at hospital; the Klown Doctors themselves, the trainers, the support volunteers, the steering committee and all those who provide input to the organisation help put a smile on sick children’s faces. Ultimately, this is our one and true objective.

Whilst thanking the general public for their ongoing support, it is worth sharing a particular prescription given by a consultant in the Paediatric wards of Mater Dei Hospital; “If a child is in a lot of pain, give her an aspirin; if that doesn’t work give her ibuprofen; if that doesn’t work either, then send in a Klown – problem solved!” We thank you for your belief in our work!

Donations are now collected by the contestants of Miss world Malta 2017

Charge your body with a healthy breakfast

Starting the day with a healthy breakfast is a must. What you have for breakfast will act as fuel for the body. Breakfast should not be skipped. Eating healthy snacks frequently during the day helps to boost your energy levels. The rest must be accompanied by drinking plenty of water and exercise. 
 The K2.1 students of Ms Janice Vella prepared a breakfast at school. The aim was to teach these students the importance of starting the day with a healthy breakfast, while learning about texture, colour and enhancing fine motor skills 🙂