Month: October 2017

The Magic of Stories…

The Magic of Stories, Seħer l-Istejjer, kicked off for the second consecutive year at our school. This is a story telling service, provided by the National Literacy agency, consisting of a number of animated story telling sessions held for students and parents at school in the early years. The school would like to thank Ms […]

Different textures and materials…

The students of Ms Joan Vella in K2.3 have been learning about different textures. The student were shown various objects which were placed in a bowl. Later students sorted the objects from non-metals to metals.

Special Assembly

The Yr 6.2 students prepared the first special assembly for this scholastic year. Since the assembly happened to fall close the Halloween, the students explained the origins of Halloween. They also mentioned traditions practiced in various countries. Finally they got the whole school dancing to the song ghost buster.

Green Club

The green club students give a helping hand to embellish the Dinja Waħda notice. They also learn how to grow plants from seeds.

Healthy Treats

Halloween is just around the corner.  Children love trick-or-treating, even if it means consuming too much sugar.  Therefore the Year 3.1 students prepared some healthy treats which can easily be made at home.  Using clementines and celery they made small pumpkins.  Banana Ghosts were made using only 2 ingredients: bananas and chocolate chips.  Finally, they made some […]

Exploring Flat Shapes

The Yr 1.2 students have been exploring flat shapes (2-d shapes). Students made use of the Bee-Bot to sort out shapes.  Using a Bee-Bot promotes counting skills and directional language. Afterwards they worked in pairs to sort whether the shape was a circle or a square. Children had a great time 🙂 Submitted by Ms Mathea Vassallo, […]

Counting Money

During a Mathematics lesson students were divided in groups. Each group was given a handout and some coins.  Students had to use coins to make the amounts written on the Interactive Whiteboard (IWB).  After, each group told the class what coins they used to make the given amounts. These were then written on the IWB.  Students realized that even […]

Majistral Park… Appreciating nature…

The Yr 4.2 students of Ms Kylie Said when for fieldwork at Majjistral Park. During this outing students had the opportunity to learn about the Malta flora and fauna, while also learning about the Maltese “Girna”. This is a stone structure built by farmers. Farmers used the girna to protect themselves from the sun and […]

Dinja Waħda – Nuturing love towards nature…

As tradition has it, the school is once again embarking on Dinja Waħda projects. Once again we are aiming for gold… not for the sake of getting a gold award, but to make sure that our students grow into responsible citizens who are aware of the importance of preserving the environment. Above students can be […]

Fieldwork at Manikata

Friday 20th October was the first outing for year 2 children. At 9:00 a.m. we headed to Manikata. The coach dropped us off at Għajn Tuffieħa and we walked up to Manikata. Here we met a lady, with her friendly dog. The students were extremely happy about this. The lady explained to the children about […]