Student Council Elections

The student council elections were held on 30th November.  Following sessions held by the PSCD teachers, students who wished to contest the elections prepared their own billboards to convey the message to their fellow students about what they intended to do if elected. 

We would like to congratulate all the students who participated and also to the students who voted. 

These are the new members that form the student council:

Year 3.1  Matteo Camilleri
Year 3.2  Thea Sammut
Year 4.1  Clive Borg
Year 4.2  Jade Muscat
Year 5.1  David Abela
Year 5.2  Kelly Muscat
Year 6.1  Kristelle Muscat
Year 6.2  Zack Scerri

Fieldwork at Mgarr

Both year 3 classes had a fieldwork around our school this month. The children enjoyed walking around the school to answer questions about what is found inside as well as outside of our school. Once outside the school we observed numerous things, including roads, cars, buildings, traffic signs, shops, the church, places of interest as well as recreational areas in Mġarr. Here the year 3.2 students are seen enjoying their recess time at the playground. This fieldwork was such an enjoyable experience!

Submitted by Ms Sharon Calleja, Teacher (Yr 3.2)

Maths – Making 10

Whilst learning about pairs to 10, the tudents used bottle caps, in an investigation, to determine which are the number pairs that make 10. Using concrete objects helps the children to learn by doing. It also enables them to understand the concepts being taught better. Then, the students moved on to pictorial representations of the pairs to 10 and finally, they also worked out sums (pairs to 10) mentally as well as with written methods.

Submitted by Ms Sharon Calleja, Teacher (Yr 3.2)


​Whilst learning about money the students in the year 3.2 class handled coins in order to observe and discuss their size, shape, colour as well as the amount that each coin represents.They handled coins to make different amounts of money. Then, they participated in a group activity during which they counted the amount of money in different purses. 

In another activity, the students used coins to make a given amount using the fewest coins possible.The students also investigated different ways to make the same amount of money. For instance, one could make 5c with five 1c coins, with two 2c coins and one 1c coin, with one 2c coin and three 1c coins, and so on.

During another day, the children used coins to determine how many they would need to make a specific amount.  For example, they used 10c coins to determine that they needed 10 of them to make €1 (100c).

Learning about money was so much fun!

Submitted by Ms Sharon Calleja, Teacher (Yr 3.2)

Science – Tasting Activity

After learning about the five senses, the year 3.2 students participated in different activities in order to use all of their five senses.  The activities included observing a picture in order to find hidden objects in it, paying attention to different sounds they heard and stating what they were, touching objects they use in class every day, comparing and contrasting things having different smells and determining which smells are harmful to us. Finally, they had a tasting activity.  The students could not see what they were tasting. They could only determine what it was by using their sense of taste and thinking about whether what they tasted was sweet or sour, whether it felt soft or crunchy whilst eating it and obviously by what it tasted like. The students tasted things like bell peppers, pretzels, lemons, chocolate, popcorn, biscuits and so on.  It was truly an activity that appealed to all our five senses!

Submitted by Ms Sharon Calleja, Teacher (Yr 3.2)

Celebrating World Children’s Day

20th November is dedicated to World Children’s Day. To commemorate this day, the students of Ms Melanie Sultana, in year 5.1, prepared a special assembly.

The students shared a message about children’s rights and also shared different realities that children around the world face on a daily basis.

The students of the school council shared a message to all students during this assembly about duties and rights.

Ms Borg Vella, assistant head in charge of the student council, launched an initiative whereby students were asked to write their messages on a small template. 

The messages will be displayed on school notice boards to share these wonderful thoughts shared by our students. Happy World Children’s Day to all 🙂

Tablets workshop for Parents and Students

Following the successful introduction of the use of tablets in year 4 last year, another scholastic year kicked off with the distribution of tablets to the current year 4 students.

Being an innovative way of teaching and learning, parents were invited to join their children for a hands-on workshop. Both parents and students worked together, while teachers gave a demonstration of how tablets are being used to assist in the daily teaching and learning.

The lessons were prepared by the class teachers, Ms Angelique Attard and Ms Kylie Said, together with the elearning support teacher, Ms Laura Schembri. Apart from sharing good practice with both students and parents, this was a great opportunity to show the hard work being done by teachers at St Nicholas College, Mgarr Primary. Moreover, this was evidence of great team work which aims to include all stakeholders in an highly educational manner.