Month: November 2017

Student Council Elections

The student council elections were held on 30th November.  Following sessions held by the PSCD teachers, students who wished to contest the elections prepared their own billboards to convey the message to their fellow students about what they intended to do if elected.  We would like to congratulate all the students who participated and also […]

Counting through play…

The kindergarten students of Ms Janice Vella having been learning about numbers and their value during numeracy lessons held at school. The students were given tins and students had to place the correct number of items according to the number. They also had to recognise the numbers.

Fieldwork at Mgarr

Both year 3 classes had a fieldwork around our school this month. The children enjoyed walking around the school to answer questions about what is found inside as well as outside of our school. Once outside the school we observed numerous things, including roads, cars, buildings, traffic signs, shops, the church, places of interest as […]

Maths – Making 10

Whilst learning about pairs to 10, the tudents used bottle caps, in an investigation, to determine which are the number pairs that make 10. Using concrete objects helps the children to learn by doing. It also enables them to understand the concepts being taught better. Then, the students moved on to pictorial representations of the pairs to 10 […]


​Whilst learning about money the students in the year 3.2 class handled coins in order to observe and discuss their size, shape, colour as well as the amount that each coin represents.They handled coins to make different amounts of money. Then, they participated in a group activity during which they counted the amount of money […]

Science – Tasting Activity

After learning about the five senses, the year 3.2 students participated in different activities in order to use all of their five senses.  The activities included observing a picture in order to find hidden objects in it, paying attention to different sounds they heard and stating what they were, touching objects they use in class every […]

Number lines and music…

Kindergarten students made their own bongos. These were used to learn counting while banging on their bongos and creating music. Students enjoyed using the number line to sort numbers according to value. Submitted by Ms Janice Vella, Kinder 2.2

Celebrating World Children’s Day

20th November is dedicated to World Children’s Day. To commemorate this day, the students of Ms Melanie Sultana, in year 5.1, prepared a special assembly. The students shared a message about children’s rights and also shared different realities that children around the world face on a daily basis. The students of the school council shared […]

Tablets workshop for Parents and Students

Following the successful introduction of the use of tablets in year 4 last year, another scholastic year kicked off with the distribution of tablets to the current year 4 students. Being an innovative way of teaching and learning, parents were invited to join their children for a hands-on workshop. Both parents and students worked together, […]

Sponge painted elephants

During one of our crafts lessons the year 3.2 students were discussing elephants. We then made Emily and Elliot elephants using a paper plate, paint and a sponge. The students enjoyed dabbing the paint with the sponge as it created a lovely textured effect. Submitted by Ms Sharon Calleja, Class Teacher Yr 3.2