Month: November 2017

Making sausage roll mummies

For Halloween the year 3.2 students cooked sausage roll mummies. They cut the dough into strips and turned these strips around sausages. Once cooked, the students used ketchup to make the mummies’ eyes. Finally, they enjoyed eating their creations! Submitted by Ms Sharon Calleja, Class Teacher Yr 3.2 

Healthy Breakfast Outing with Parents

During our outing to the B’Kara Home Economics Centre, the year 3.2 students learned about what a healthy breakfast consists of. They saw a short play about different types of breakfast and participated actively in discussions about which breakfast was the healthiest. The students then took part in several learning activities and games about healthy […]

Cleansing Campaign

The year 3.2 students participated in the cleansing campaign which was held in our school hall. This activity was extremely interesting. The students learned about cleanliness in an interactive and fun way. They saw a short play, pretended to be investigators in order to solve a case and they sang along to the cleansing song. […]

Adding 10, 20, 30 and 40

Whilst learning about adding 10 and other multiples of 10 the year 3.2 students were visited by Incy Wincy spider. He showed them how to add 10 by jumping along on the number grid. He also showed the students how to add 20, 30 and 40 by using the number grid as well as other […]

Learning Maths by doing…

Learning Maths can be tricky. However when students are presented with Maths in a fun way, learning becomes more meaningful. These year 2 students can be seen exploring different ways of using coins to make up the same value, while working in groups and discussing the various options.  Submitted by Ms Janice Vella Muscat, Class […]

Pizza by our young chefs…

 The Kinder 1 students of Ms Nag and Ms Joanne enjoyed a cookery lesson in the school’s new kitchen. Students rolled out the dough and smeared tomato paste on the surface of the dough. They then added some sausages, olives and mozzarella. The pizzas turned out to be delicious.  Apart from enhancing their fine motor […]

Special Assembly

The Yr 5.2 students prepared a special assembly. The script was written by Ms Victoria in the form of a poem sending a message to raise awareness about the all the food and items we waste on a daily basis. After the poem the students sang a song about Earth.

Valletta Fieldwork

The students of Mr Cassar, in year 6.1, have been out and about in the capital city of Valletta. Students learn best when on site. The Valletta fieldwork is part of the social studies curriculum. The students had a narrow escape with the weather since the minute they set foot on the bus to come […]

Plurals of Words ending in ‘y’

Students have been learning the plural of several nouns.  Indeed, during one week they learned that nouns ending in ‘y’ can be tricky; some drop the ‘y’ and add ‘ies’ while others add only an ‘s’ after the ‘y’.  To rehearse what they had been learning students were divided in groups.  One activity was a board […]

Clean-Up Campaign

The Parliamentary Secretary, Mr Deo Debattista, is currently launching a clean up campaign to teach the citizens to make better use of the diposal facilities available, while making people aware of the kind of rubbish that is being thrown illegally.  The Year 3 and Year 4 students enjoyed a show which was animated by “Gawdenz”. […]