Month: November 2017

English Oracy Lesson

During an English Oracy lesson students were divided in groups.  Each group was given eight picture cards.  The class teacher explained that the picture cards which tell a storyand each group had to put them in the order they thought was right.  Then, pupils listened to the story for the first time.  While listening to […]

Printing using fallen tree conifers

The students of Ms Josianne in K1.1 have been very busy lately. During one of their sessions the students made beautiful printings using fallen tree conifers collected from the school garden. Through such activities students learn about colours and texture, while enhance their fine motor skills. Such activities also enhance socialisation and team work. Well […]

Promoting the use of Public Transport to save the environment

The Year  1 and Year 2 students have participated in an awareness campaign to enhance the use of public transport. The aim of this event is to encourage more people to make use of the “Tal-Linja” card and public transport to reduce traffic on the roads and thus reducing the impact of car exhaust on […]

Baking biscuits…

The students of Ms Josianne, in K1.1, prepared some delicious biscuits. Through such activities students enhance their fine motor skills while learning about texture and hygiene when preparing food. Well done to these young chefs 🙂

Celebration the feast of St Martin

Dun Kalcidon Vassallo visited the school on the feast of St Martin. This is an event celebrated yearly to promote a sense of charity towards others. Students are given a St. Martin’s bag full of goodies. Thanks to the members of the school council for preparing 309 bags for our students and thanks to the […]

Chefs at work…

The Year 3.2 students of Ms Sharon Calleja cooked some delicious pizzas. During this activity students learnt about basic hygiene skills required when cooking, while enjoying preparing the dough for pizza and choosing their favourite toppings.

Iltaqgħu mal-Prim Ministru bla ħsieb u daħħalhom fil-Berġa ta’ Kastilja

Imtella’ Novembru 10, 2017 minn TVM news  Grupp ta’ tfal tal-iskola Primarja li dalgħodu marru sal-Belt fuq ħarġa tal-iskola spiċċaw biex iltaqgħu mal-Prim Ministru Joseph Muscat bla ħsieb. Hekk kif il-Prim Ministru wasal Kastilja għall-ħabta tal-10.00 ta’ dalgħodu biex jibda jum twil ta’ xogħol, inzerta lill-istudenti ċkejkna fi Pjazza Kastilja flimkien mal-għalliema tagħhom. Kien hawn li l-Prim […]

Adding one…

The learning objective of the Mathematics lesson was to add one to a number, up to 10. Students were divided in pairs and each pair was given a ten-frame and ten snap cubes. A number was given to them, and they had to count that amount of snap cubes and put them on the ten-frame, […]

Singing, dancing and acting along with Goldilocks and the Three Bears

The Year 1.2 students when for their first outing for this scholastic year on 26th October. At 9am the students, together with their teacher, headed to the Visual and Performing Arts School in Swatar. Children participated in some fun workshops. The first workshop was about acting. Then they had  the  dancing workshop  and finally the […]