Year: 2018

Mġarr Music Band animates the Christmas Party

The Mġarr Music Band organised a Christmas Carols Concert at our school. Students joined in, singing and dancing, adding to the fun of Christmas. Merry Christmas to all 🙂

Celebration Day 2018

Heartfelt thanks to all the members of staff, parents and students for a wonderful Celebration Day. Team work is what makes our school a daily success 🙂

Gingerbread Man…

The Year 2.2 students of Ms Stephanie Azzopardi, enjoyed cooking a Gingerbread Man. The students enjoyed the session while learning about measuring, food hygiene and and team work!

eTwinning – A European Partnership

With all the modern technologies, the sending of Christmas cards is something, which our kids do not do often. That is why I decided to enroll on an e-twinning project with 6 foreign schools where we had to create Christmas cards and send them to each other. Kids were excited in creating these cards. They […]

Symbol Literacy at Mdina

The Kindergarten 2 students visited Mdina for a session of symbol literacy. The students walked around the Mdina ditch, followed by a lunch break. With their tummies full, the students entered the wall of the Silent City and were asked to find the door to the main entrance of the Cathedral Museum. Once inside the […]

Festive Season E-Safety Event

An internet e-safety event was organised for the Year 5 and Yr 6 students by the healthy and safety teacher, Ms Jacqueline Abela and the digital literacy support teacher, Ms Laura Schembri. Students used their laptops to scan QR codes which were displayed in the school hall. Every code was linked to a safety measure […]

Gearing up for Christmas

While learning vocabulary related to this time of the year, the students of Yr 2.2 prepared a live crib and enjoyed a number of activities related to Christmas. Submitted by Ms Stephanie Azzopardi

Maths made easy through play…

Making 10 using numicon and playing cards. Learning about money and giving change to play pretend. Fun with time… Bubbling with activity, maths has never been more easy!!! And beebot joints the fun to help kids learn about time and coding. Submitted by Ms Stephanie Azzopardi, Yr 2.2


Students learning about prepositions during an English lesson by working together and discussing. Submitted by Ms Stephanie Azzopardi Yr 2.2

Show and Tell

Students proudly presenting their show and tell during oracy sessions. Submitted by Ms Stephanie Azzopardi, Yr 2.2