Happy Easter… End of Term Fun Activities

The Year 2.1 students of Ms Stephanie Azzopardi have been busy working during the 2nd term. Above students proudly present their Easter craft. 

Students can be seen having fun during various lessons… Learning plurals and words starting with letters having similar sounds in Maltese (‘p’ and ‘b’); Learning the correct use of the verb ‘has’ or ‘have’; Making 10 (using numicons, the bee-bot, dominoes and matching numbers on fish), together with making 6 using bears and matching numbers and investigating how many letters there are in each month of the year during a maths lesson.

The students prepared a model representing the migration of birds from cold countries to warmer countries. This is an activity related to Dinja Waħda, called ‘Out of Africa’. Students also prepared a special assembly about manners. Below is a short message sending Easter blessings to all.

Tribali Music Workshop and Wasteserv Malta

The students of St Nicholas College Mgarr Primary ended their second term with a valid music workshop animated by Peter Paul Galea from Tribali, a local music band. Students were asked to prepare musical instruments, namely shakers and bongos, using recycled material.

During the workshop students were shown a video clip by Wasteserv Malta about the harm being done to the environment because of the huge amount of plastic being used. Unfortunately only 5% is recycled. Most of the plastic ends up in the ocean harming the ecosystem deforming sea creatures and causing their death.

Students and members of staff had great fun creating music out of nothing, but home-made instruments and a very talented musician.

Moreover, €185 were donated by students to help missionaries in the Philippines. Well done and thank you for your support 🙂

Our Lady of Sorrows

Holy mass was celebrated for the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. Students prepared a special assembly depicting the 7 sorrows suffered by Our Lady.  Mr Mark Spice, Scout Leader of the Baden Powell Scouts, Mgarr, brought the flame of peace to our school. The flame of peace came all the way from Bethlehem and reached a number of counties across Europe. Malta is its final destination and our school was the last school the flame of peace would reach this year.

Before mass was celebrated by Fr Mark, students lit their candles from the flame of peace and these candles were laid in front of the statue of Our Lady.

Special thanks to Ms Borg Vella, assisant head, for preparing mass.

Prayer spaces…

The importance of prayer, irrespective of one’s beliefs, is never to be underestimated. Teaching students to pray from a young age provides them with skills of self reflection and the ability to appreciate all that God has created. 

The K2.1 students of Ms Lucienne Vella, prepared crafts related to the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows and spared some time to pray for peace.

Prayer Space – insibu ħin biex nitolbu…

Illum ġie organizzat it-tieni prayer space fl-iskola dwar il-Paċi.  Bla ebda eċċezzjoni t-tfal fil-klassijiet kollha tar-raba’, il-ħames u s-sitt sena semmew is-Sirja bħala l-post li jiġi f’rashom meta nitkellmu fuq kunflitti.  

It-tfal esprimew rabja, dieqa, dispjacir u saħansitra diżappunt meta tkellmu fuq il-kunflitt tas-Sirja.  L-istudenti kellhom ċans jiktbu ħsibijiethom fuq fanal bħala simbolu tal-paċi. 

Kien hemm mument ta’ talb u riflessjoni fl-aħħar tal-prayer space għall-paċi fid-dinja.

Kitba u xogħol ta’ Ms Borg Vella, assistent kap